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This Month’s Magic
Time for Spring Cleaning

Spring is a perfect time for house cleaning. And remember, energetic cleaning is just as important as the dust, mop and broom kind! Here are some ritual ideas for a House Blessing or Clearing. House blessings are spiritual rituals intended to clear negative energies from a space, bring harmony and light and protect the inhabitants. 
 If you are noticing negatives energies or feelings in your home: perhaps unexplained tiredness, arguing, a restless, listless or “down” feeling – it is probably time to do a house blessing! Often times, dark or negative energies or spirits gather like dust bunnies – and can heavily affect the people living within.
 House Blessings are highly recommended for moving into a new home or apartment, after a divorce, death or break up or any life or situation changing moments. And sometimes you just need to get the “stale” out and start off on a clean slate by removing old or negative energy out of the home – kind of like a “Spring Cleaning” – in ANY season!

If you’re moving into a new home and wish to bring in as much harmony as possible, it is smart to perform some type of cleansing and blessing on your new residence. Locations can hold the energy of previous owners or events that have happened there, and it is unlikely that it is all positive and loving. Don’t take chances. While moving time is often stressful and busy, try to set one day aside to spiritually prepare your new home. 

A house cleansing should be a celebration, so if you want, you can invite your friends and family and ask them to participate in blessing your home.

Use the following as a guideline. Feel free to adjust or make your own as spirit leads you.

  • Create sacred space in your own manner / Invite deity / angels / Call the corners, etc. 
  • Work with the elements. All natural earth magick. All in the light.
  • Create sacred space in your own manner / Invite deity / angels / Call the corners, etc.

Properties of the Elements:
East / Air: Intelligence, organization

South / Fire: Warmth, Passion, Change

West / Water: Love, contentment, unity, purification

North / Earth: Stability, strength, nurturing

Then – Go room to room through house clearing bad, negative, dark, stale, thick energy. Using a combination of any or all of the following:

  • Sage to Purify
  • Broom to sweep out 
  • Bell to ring out
  • Water to Cleanse
  • Salt to purify
  • Knife to cut through bad energy

Now, replenish what the space with good, loving, positive, light, energy. Again, going room to room – and while in each room – claim and state the elements you want in that room. ie – for examples – (but bring your OWN intentions that you want in each room) sample:  sustenance, nutrition, togetherness in the kitchen. Love, sleep, rest, sex in the bedroom. Cleanliness, elimination, beauty in the bathroom. Etc., etc.

Go room to room with:

  • Incense to sweeten – Air – purify
  • Candle – fire – light
  • Water/ Crystal – water – emotional flow
  • Branch – earth – grounding
  • Chime – to ring in

Thanks and blessings
Close the circle

News and Events
I am delighted to tell you that I just finished shooting AMERICA’S GOT TALENT on NBC! We filmed at the beautiful Dolby Theater (yes, where the Academy Awards take place!) I made it thru 80,000 auditioners Nationwide! Wish I could tell you about it… but I can’t, we are sworn to secrecy!!! But I can tell you that it was a fabulous, silly, wonderful, amazing, total train wreck of a great time! I think it will air on May 26! It is sure to be entertaining at very least!  ;o)

Keeping it in the Family

Update from Princess Dora
Here is the movie poster from my new film Wiener Dogs International!  It’s a sequel to one I was in last year named Wiener Dogs National! My next appearance with the other stars of the film will be at the Newport Film Festival on April 26. Cant wait to hit the red carpet again!

Check out my promo on Good Day L.A.
(where I stole the show and did my own stunts)

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