Witches Brew Issue #3

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This Month’s Magic
Summer is coming, time to get outdoors!
 Summer is quickly approaching. As I walk around Lake Hollywood every morning, life is in full swing, yet moving at a slow and easy pace. This is a good time of year to ask yourself what needs revitalizing in your life. Hope? Passion? Health? Following your heart? Spring into Summer is a good time to do a little “light housekeeping”. It is a good time to take a gentle look back and take stock of your year to date, to contemplate what you have learned, and look at where you want to go from here. It’s a good time for sorting out unfinished business, and choosing to free yourself from things that are hindering your progress. A good time to think about qualities you want to bring into your life and think about the things that you are thankful for.
With all this “thinking” going on, you should now have a nice summer “to do” list! Why not put it all into a nice outdoor ritual? Create a fun simple ritual that encompasses your wishes and plans for the future, releases things that are not serving you, and gives thanks for what you have. You can make it up as you go. Summer is a good time to get out in nature, hug a tree and talk to the faeries. Tell your secrets and desires to an old oak. Release your fears and burdens into the wind. Kick off your shoes and feel the earth beneath your feet as you pull up mother earth’s energy through your entire body and give thanks. Pick up a rock and hold it up to your ear and listen to the wisdom it has to say to you. Send your prayers with a bird or butterfly in flight. 
There are a million ways to connect to the magic all around you…You are the creator of your life, go out and make it happen. Commit and believe – and have fun with it. Remember earth is sacred. Always respect nature and leave her natural, clean and the way (or better than the way) you found her. There isn’t a more beautiful church, temple or ritual spot in my opinion. Keep aware and find magic and divinity everywhere you go…. Especially outdoors!
News and Events

For information, please call or email me. I also have a list of nice, affordable hotels in the area. Don’t forget to set your DVRs as my America’s Got Talent episode will air Tuesday, May 26.

Keeping it in the Family

Update from Princess Dora
Woo hooooo! Princess Dora made her first book cover! We are both jumping up and down like giddy school girls! She is featured in the French edition of YOUR PETS IN THE AFTERLIFE, in which I am a contributor to the book. Thank you Maximillien De Lafayette and Times Square Press! We are honored! Check out more about the book here.

Below is a new portrait by artist Alexander Drecun.

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