Witches Brew Issue #5

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Also, I will feature my live appearances, workshops, news and information about my film and tv adventures and airings.
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This Month’s Magic

Welcome to HollyWitch Blvd.

This month, I am excited to announce my new web series: HollyWitch Blvd. Designed to give a peek through the veil to the other side, HollyWitch Blvd. is my way of imparting my over 20 years of magical experience. During this series, you will learn how to create a “sacred” space and learn to work in the “light.”

Everyone could always use a little extra cash, so this month I’ve decided to debut my web series and share with you my fun, easy and very effective Money Spell.

I learned this spell over 20 years ago. It is the simplest, easiest and most effective spell imaginable. And…It has ALWAYS worked for me. So, before we get begin, you will need to gather some simple supplies. All you need is a crisp, new dollar bill (or the nicest one you have). I much prefer REAL – but it can be play money if you prefer. (Forewarning…It is illegal to burn money).You will also need a pen, fire safe bowl, candle and some incense.

Click the icon below to learn how to cast my money spell.

**For full instructions on how to perform this spell, visit www.PattiNegri.com**
 Don’t forget about I believe are the most important components for Successful Spell Casting:

  • Passion fuels a successful spell; doubt can kill it.
  • Have a clear goal.
  • Rhyming is great!  An old adage says that spells should rhyme. A rhymed spell has rhythm and joyfulness in it, it’s easy to remember and repeat, and the repetition itself creates an altered, magical consciousness.
News and Events
The Embrace Your Spirit Conferenceis fast approaching, it’s not too late to attend.
July 17-19, 2015 Full Weekend Tickets are ONLY $295

This year, will feature:
Ticket Price Includes:All Weekend WorkshopsAll Panel DiscussionsDiscounted Private Sessions All Panel Discussions including Q & ADoor PrizesSaturday Night SeanceSunday night dinner at Tierney’sA Goodie Bag which includes over $125 in FREE Giveawaysand much, much more!!Don’t worry if you can’t attend the entire conference, all of the classes, panel discussions, workshops and even the private sessions are being solid individually.
 If you are interested in awakening
and embracing the power within,
click here for full conference details.

Keeping it in the Family
Also, I will feature my live appearances, workshops, news and information about my film and tv adventures and airings.
Preparations are underway for the 2015 Hollywood Drum Show. This event, organized by my husband Kerry Crutchfield, brings together the finest craftsman in the industry to present the very best when it comes to truly unique drums.

Past clinicians and guest artists include:Jimmy Ford Jazz Quartet
The Paul Kreibich & Lolly Allen Jazz Band
Gergo Borlai Trio
Gregg Potter & Buddy Rich Big Band
and many, many more
The 2015 line is still under production, but don’t worry. We plan on keeping our reputation as having the best prizes and giveaways. The Hollywood Drunk Show will take place Saturday, Oct. 10th in the Glendale Civic Auditorium. If you’re interested in advance tickets or vendor/exhibitor information, visit http://hollywooddrumshow.com/.

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