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This Month’s Magic

Love Magic!

Wow, this summer has flown by. In fact, I am getting my August Newsletter out as September is rushing in! With these warm summer nights and current amazing full moon, many of our thoughts turn to love. Whether you are looking for love – or wanting to bring a little fire back into the love you have. This is a perfect time to do it!  So I thought I would share a few of my fun, simple “magic” tips on how to bring more love into your life.

Love is Love, romance starts with YOU! Date nights, romantic dinners, fresh flowers, sexy bubble baths, candles…You gotta get comfy with it! Even if you are by yourself – bring romance into your life – and soon a partner will follow! Make sure there room in your heart AND your home for love!

Love in the Kitchen 

  • Never cut parsley, bad for love.  
  • Eating together is always bonding.Stir clockwise.
  • Put love and intention in everything you make.
  • Apples – love fruit. 2 people eat, they will fall in love!
  • Tomatoes – prosperity, protection, love. 
  • Red is primalBasil – cause sympathy. 
  • Good appetizer / good if in argument
  • Roses. Lavendar. Cinnamon – for love.

Friday is the day of Venus, the Goddess of Love
Add some extra “oomph” to any love spell or potion’s potency doing it on a Friday. A little planning ahead can bring you extra luck in love! 

Catnip attraction spell
This is extremely easy to do, and can quickly attract a new love interest into your life! Soak catnip in cinnamon water overnight. (Use purified water, and sprinkle cinnamon into it.) Strain the liquid and sprinkle it on your doorstep every evening for 21 days in the shape of a new crescent moon. 

Love Potion  
Pinch of rosemary, 3 mint leaves, 6 rose petals, 9 drops of vanilla extract, 3 cups of water. Brew on a Friday. Boil the water, then steep all the dry ingredients. Add the vanilla extract once steeped.  Sip to bring in love!  Remember to VISUALIZE that love as you drink it!

Patti, Kerry and Friends

Hubby Kerry and I under the full super moon! Warm summer nights with friends! Bring in the love!
Don’t forget about I believe are the most important components for Successful Spell Casting:

  • Passion fuels a successful spell; doubt can kill it.
  • Have a clear goal.
  • Rhyming is great!  An old adage says that spells should rhyme. A rhymed spell has rhythm and joyfulness in it, it’s easy to remember and repeat, and the repetition itself creates an altered, magical consciousness.
News and Events

Oh my, this has been a busy month indeed! I launched my new web series HOLLYWITCH BLVD., (kind of a video version of this with spells and tips to help you bring more magic into you life.) I shot several tv shows, including another powerful episode of Ghost Adventures and so much more my head is spinning!

Here are a highlights of what’s coming:

n September I have an episode of BAD GIRLS CLUB airing PROBABLY on the 15th. None of the girls usual fighting with me around.  I conduct a séance to connect them to past loved ones!

And sometime this month (I don’t have an exact date) my first GHOST ADVENTURES episode will air. Check listings, it is the episode titled HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD! 

To view the my web series Hollywitch Blvd, visit my YouTube page.

Keeping it in the Family

Lovers of Drums and Drummers – put October 10th on your calendar! My hubby Kerry Crutchfield and I will be presenting our 15th Annual Hollywood Drum Show!  Join us! 

For more information, visit www.HollywoodDrumShow.com


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