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No matter what your spiritual belief system or political views,
it is so obvious we are living in crazy times. 

I have chosen to not get political here, but I will confess I am not happy with the current state of things. The world is shifting.  Energy is chaotic and overwhelming. People are frightened, angry, uncertain, confused — or all of the above! So I thought I would give a few simple “survival” tips to help get you through this transition with a little bit of grace and ease.

One:Take time for yourself. No one will give you the time, you must MAKE it. Whether you choose to get up 10 minutes earlier – stay up later – or do a little less social media or tv time. We all need extra grounding and balance right now to help us focus. Meditate, pray, take a walk in nature, paint, draw, sing – whatever works for you – but make it a daily habit. I promise, a tiny little shift will make a BIG difference in how you get through the rest of the day. 

Two: Take a simple white bath! Nothing more magical and cleansing than a simple white bath. I like to add a little salt for cleansing, a little sugar for sweetness and some milk for nurturing. You may feel a little bit like a bowl of cereal, but the magical attributes in each of these ingredients really will make you feel like a million bucks! Just use a half cup to a cup of each – and you can rinse off afterwards! If you don’t have access to a bathtub, pour the ingredients on you in the shower. Have fun with it!   

Three: Take care of yourself. Eat a little better, exercise a little more, make sure you get enough sleep. Again, no one else will do it for you – and it WILL make a difference! (Try adding my Dream School technique from June 2016 newsletter on my website! As well as spiritual development, the water will help you sleep!)  

Four: Get outside and look up at the sky! It will give you a bit of perspective on how big the universe is. Let it inspire you. (One suggestion – read my “Moon Magic” newsletter from January 2015).

Five: Consciously create YOUR reality. Decide things DO matter…from what color outfit you choose to wear that day, to your thoughts, words and actions. Stand up for what you believe in. THINK for yourself. You CAN make a difference. You DO make a difference.  

Six: Remember to breathe.


Thank you to all of you who voted for me in the International competition by Times Square Press. I again took the top honors in the categories of psychic, medium, magical practitioner/witch, life coach, intuitive entertainer, ghost hunter and psychic detective. I was also voted one of the top 12 influential women in the world in metaphysics and proudly stand amongst some amazing lightworkers worldwide. To see all the results check out the NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL RANK OF THE UNITED STATES AND WORLDS BEST PRACTITIONERS OF DIVINATORY ARTS 2017 by Maximillien de Lafayette. Available on Amazon.


An article by Deborah Brosseau in this beautiful newSPIRIT GUIDES MAGAZINE. “The Wonderful Witch of the West” aka Patti Negri has a secret to tell you…dark blue undies are a power move, and you are capable of making everyday magic. This Hollywood star healed herself at age 30 from a crippling illness using magic and the power of intention.

“I’m a witch. I believe in magic and I believe in taking life into my own hands and moving energy.”

Simple tips for everyday magic from a modern urban witch? Yes please!! Read the full piece, “The Wonderful Witch of the West” written by Deborah Brosseau.


(On the cover: John Cappello, Jennifer Wallens,
Melissa Stamps, Patti Negri, Zak Bagans)

Ghost Adventures in American Psychic & Medium Magazine, February 2017

“Ghost Adventures” is extraordinarily good about authenticity.

By Patti Negri, Staff Writer


(But since this is in French, I left out the articles or links!) Honored to be on the cover with the amazing Jennifer Wallens!

Join me for another amazing weekend in Texas! I am thrilled to be headed back to Miracles of Joy in Dallas march 16th thru 19th for a full fabulous weekend with fellow members of the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums! 

Here is the info and links:

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Give them a call to sign up @ (972) 221-8080.


I am thrilled to have just shot my 5th episode of GHOST ADVENTURES with Zak Bagans and the GAC crew. The new season starts in March on the Travel Channel!

Lots of other fun things happening as well, including some fun youtube and new media shows with young superstars like Lia Marie Johnson, Trevor Moran, Rajiv Dhall and the cast of LA Story…but I think I have been a little long winded here and don’t want to turn this into a book…You can always check out my IMDB page for some of my upcoming shows.

I finally saw an advertisement for her TV show!  Watch for our little Dora with the champ Iron Mike Tyson in his new show SUPER HUMAN! They made quite a comedy duo!

My fabulous hubby Kerry Crutchfield is on a short hiatus from drumming as he heals from shoulder replacement. He is doing GREAT! That’s all for now! Now go out and make some magic in you life and world!  

See ya next time! Big, big hugs from Hollywood!  Xox Pattiwww.PattiNegri.com


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