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Elemental Balancing
Exercise #3

Earth/Grounding & Fire/Passion

To continue my series of balancing (aka 30 seconds to fix anything), here is the final part of Earth and Fire. These elements represent our grounding and our passion! If you missed the first two on Water/Emotions and Air/Thoughts, you can find it on my newsletter archives on my website. But to quickly recap, every once in a while, well heck almost daily, we get or feel a little out of balance. My super easy elemental exercises to help get you back in balance within 30 seconds almost anywhere you are! The one thing we know from the 200,000 books written about it is that everything we do must include mind, body and spirit. To do anything we first must do or have it in our head, in our thought process, and then hopefully our body takes action. But the 3rd and often elusive is the “spirit” element. The spirit aspect is the “battery power.” Spirit can be created a lot of ways; via prayer or affirmations, vision boards, spells and magical workings, or it can be done via the elements. Every element has some specific attributes. Picture your entire life in the four basic elements. Your Earth is who you are, your home your sense of being. Your Fire is your passion, creativity, the blood in your veins, your spirituality. Your Water is your emotions. Air is our thinking brain, our thoughts, our sense of reason, (and often that chatter that won’t shut up when we want it to). So, the next time you are not as happy as you can be, or productive as you can be, or even as awake and conscious as you would like to be, instead of just staying in that state decide which of those four elements is the most out of balance.

If you are not feeling “grounded” or “in your body” – you need to tap into the earth element. It’s great to get outside in nature. Get barefoot in the dirt or grass. Hug a tree – literally! But, if you are on the 35th floor of an office building going in to a very important meeting and feeling a little “queasy” -grab ANYTHING that is wood or stone. A pencil, a wooden chair or desk. The granite countertop, even the diamond, opal or any stone in your ring. Grab onto it. Decide in your head that this item will ground and center you. Hold on to the object. Deep breath for 30 seconds. Everyone feels this one a little different. I feel like a warm earthen blanket surrounds me. Some people feel like “roots’ are coming out of the soles of their feet into the ground. However, it feels to you – you WILL feel immediately grounded and centered.

If you are feeling tired, passionless or not inspired – you need to call in the fire element. Maybe you have a hot date with your honey and just not “feeling it.” Or working on a creative or art project and need inspiration – or maybe you are just exhausted, in bed and have to get up! You have all the “earth” you need – but you need the “fire” power to rise and shine. This, like air is breathing and sound magic…Set your head what you want as in the others… than do 30 seconds of deep breathing while going zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. (Ask any eight-year-old what sound a bee makes… you’ve got it!)  Within 30 seconds you will start to feel a tingling in the base of your spine. It will rise up and in no time at all you will have all the energy, passion and creativity you need to move forward.

These four techniques really can be like your hidden super hero powers! Keep them in your invisible back pocket – and pull them out whenever needed for immediate balance and relief! 

Here is a quick recap!  (But if you haven’t, make sure you check out the earlier publications on Water and Air in the link above!)

Qualities of elements: 
(Remember INTENT is the first ingredient)

West / Water
Emotions (Love, contentment, unity, purification)
Run water over hands and release into water.

East / Air
Intelligence, organization  (Chatty head / over thinking / fog) 
Deep Breathing / vowel sounds

South / Fire
Warmth, Passion, Change    (Passion / creativity / energy)   
Deep Breathing and zzzzzzz sounds

North / Earth
Stability, strength, nurturing (Grounding / Safety)   
Grab a rock, stroke a plant, hug a tree,etc. and breathe!

Remember, magic is EVERYWHERE!

“Til next time. With love, blessings and big, big hugs from Hollywood!  ;o)  xox Patti 

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