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When Loved Ones Pass

Dumb Supper

I usually get a double-take and an odd expression from people when one of their loved ones dies and I suggest they should do a Dumb Supper for them. True, the title is not the most flattering or what one would expect. Dumb does not mean stupid, it means silent. Some people are calling it a Silent Supper these days, but I’m going to stay with a double-take and odd expression. What is a Dumb Supper you now may be asking? A Dumb Supper is a dinner you have for your beloved deceased to celebrate their passing. It is done 40 days after their day of death. 40 days is the transition period between the worlds. It is true and honored in almost every culture, religion and belief system around the world. At or after the 40-day mark have a dinner. Invite anyone you want. Have your favorite food or better yet have your deceased loved ones favorite food. It can be as simple or elaborate as want, but it is a rewarding way to honor the dead and keep their memories alive.

Patti Negri sitting a table, performing her magic.

Have dinner as usual, except you do it backwards. Have the dessert first, then the main course and then end with the soup or salad course. This shows the other side that it is for them. Because things Beyond the Veil are reversed. Yes, you can be sad during the dinner but mostly talk about things what you used to do together, laugh and talk with the person as if they are there with you, because they truly are! Somewhere during the meal spend a few minutes in silence. Your deceased loved one will communicate with each of you at the table to your own ability and comfort level. It may be a feeling or knowing that everything is okay. You may sense feel or even hear something. It is a very magical few minutes. Some people do the entire dinner in silence, but I have found over the years that that is very hard in our modern world and people seem to get more satisfaction and closure out of talking through most of it and just spending a small section in silence. Do whatever feels right to you. At the end of the dinner (which is really the beginning since you are up to the soup or salad course) that is when you say goodbye to your beloved in their fleshly form. That is the one thing you cannot have back. Whether you believe they go to heaven or they are reincarnated, or they just go on to the great consciousness of life, unless you want them as a zombie, their flesh is what you cannot have back. Let that go. Let them now be your spirit friend or loved one. This now can become a new and deeper relationship in that realm. Even your communication with them, if that is what you desire, will be stronger once it is now your spirit friend instead of your dead friend. It is a beautiful, healing, cathartic and even fun experience. It is one of my favorite rituals. Remember it, next time a loved one passes to the other side.

Remember, magic is EVERYWHERE!

“Til next time. With love, blessings and big, big hugs from Hollywood!  ;o)  xox Patti 

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