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My Favorite Protection Items,
Tools and Techniques

Patti as Glenda the Good Witch

Not everyone has a magical pair of ruby slippers…and just the regular day to day actions of life can sometimes leave us a bit vulnerable. I am talking energetically here. Whether it’s spirits from beyond – or just a bundle of negativity from a person, group or space, I thought I would give you a few of my favorite protection techniques.

My number ONE technique is INTENT…YOUR intent! Whether on a paranormal investigation or sitting with your in-laws – your awareness and intent is the strongest tool you have. You can honestly choose not to be negatively affected by someone that is throwing bad energy at you (whether they are doing it purposely or not). With LIVING folks…surround yourself with mirror energy. Visualize your whole body being protected by a big mirrored egg. Empower the egg so that NOTHING negative can get through it. You can visualize other materials as well (steel, titanium, iron) – but with mirror – the added benefit is that the person throwing shade at you (especially if they are doing it on purpose) will actually get a bit of a “reflection” in your mirror and see how unattractive they look doing it. The mirror will also “bounce” the energy right back at them – so – they will get a tiny taste of their own medicine. The best part is that YOU don’t have to change your way of being…you can just stay safe and happy and smiling in your protective egg – and they will just slightly see through it and see that you are not being affected by their energy, therefore not getting the payoff they wanted. So the next time, they just wont try so hard until it stops all together! It sounds a little nuts, I know – but try it, it works! You can even practice in an elevator or crowded space where no one is sending you bad energy…you can put up your mirror – and actually see the people around you step back a bit… and usually smile (since they are not sending you bad energy) If it is so crowded they can’t step back, you will notice that no matter how tight – your “personal space” will no longer feel invaded! Give it a try. Let me know what you think! Now back to the “spirit” realm. I believe 100% that this three-dimensional world of ours is OUR realm of existence…Spirits on the other side have to play by our rules unless we give them power over us (often just by not knowing better!)  So…if a spirit, presence or energy comes into a room that feels negative – or you just don’t want – command it to leave! In the name of whatever you believe in. In the name of God or your angels or your own power. You will be amazed the power you have. Do not do it with anger or fear – that will feed a negative spirit. Just do it like a disciplinarian parent talking to their child. 99.9% of the time that spirit will leave.

As far as protective items for your body and home – I love sigils and symbols. The Norwegian Helm of Awe being one of my favorites. It just breaks apart negative energy into bits. But most importantly – use something that works with YOUR belief system!

For clearing spaces – I love Cascarilla powder. Its inexpensive, nontoxic (pure eggshells) and super protective for you home.  Sprinkle it on windowsill, thresholds & areas to get rid of stagnations or stir into your bath to clear your aura.

I also love Palo Santo wood. Super clearing and protective, and not as harsh as sage!  These are just a couple of my favorites… I could write a whole book on this stuff – oh wait – I AM!  Hoping it will be out by fall. YOU will all be the first to know!

Remember, magic is EVERYWHERE!

“Til next time. With love, blessings and big, big hugs from Hollywood!  ;o)  xox Patti 

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In addition to my fairly regular appearances on Ghost Adventures and other TV Shows, I have been doing a lot of “new media” lately! Check out these two episodes with YouTube Star Rebecca Zamolo this past week.


I just did a 24 hour Facebook Live with Comedy Central Star Trevor Moore to solve all the problems in the world (some were solved better than others) I come in at about 7:15 mark and stay 4 or 5 hours, then come back for the last hour…


Here is a silly fun episode of Good Mythical Morning. YouTube superstars Rhett and Link had to guess the real psychic from the fake psychic…



 I will be going to Dallas again in Fall for our annual “Embrace Your Spirit” Conference. Save the last weekend in September and join me!


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