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Our Home is Our Castle
Home & Space Clearing Magick

We all feel better in a “clean” home. Energetic cleansing is just as important as the dust, mop and broom kind! Here are some easy ritual ideas for a House Blessing or Clearing. This can also be done on your office or workspace. 

It’s not just “haunted” houses that need clearing…If you are noticing negative energies or feelings in your home: perhaps unexplained tiredness, arguing, a restless, listless or “down” feeling – it is probably time to do a house clearing! Often times, dark or negative energies or spirits gather like dust bunnies – and can heavily affect the people living within.

House Blessings are highly recommended for moving into a new home or apartment, after a divorce, death or break up or any life or situation changing moments. And sometimes you just need to get the “stale” out and start off on a clean slate by removing old or negative energy out of the home – kind of like a “Spring Cleaning” – in ANY season!

Patti clearing a house for Jeff Lewis's home on Bravo's Flipping Out.

If you’re moving into a new home and wish to bring in as much harmony as possible, it is smart to perform some type of cleansing and blessing on your new residence. Locations can hold the energy of previous owners or events that have happened there, and it is unlikely that it is all positive and loving. Don’t take chances. While moving time is often stressful and busy, try to set one day aside to spiritually prepare your new home. 

A house cleansing should be a celebration, so if you want, you can invite your friends and family and ask them to participate in blessing your home.

Use the following as a guideline. Feel free to adjust or make your own as spirit leads you.

Here are some simple and easy to get supplies you can use:

  • A broom
  • Sage or Palo Santo for clearing
  • A white Candle
  • A sweet or sacred Incense (Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, anything angelic, etc.)
  • A bell or chime.

If you feel negative spirits or dark energy also get some Cascarilla Powder. (Ground egg shells) You can get it online of at a metaphysical or spiritual store.

First walk through the space. Whether you have lived there 20 years or just moving in. See if you can “feel or sense” dark or stuck areas. Notice how you “feel” in each area of the home. This is to get a lay of the land – and to also to really notice the big difference after the clearing.

Go to the “heart” of the house to set up your sacred area. Often the kitchen or dining room table – or the coffee table in the living room or den. (A table is helpful to set up your supplies, but you can always set them up on the floor if needed!)

Lay out your supplies. Create a sacred space in your own manner.

Light your candle. Light the incense. Set your intention to clear and clean your space of all bad energy and negativity. You can do a prayer or call in your deity, guides, elements, etc. 

The ritual will be done in two sessions. First the Clearing (done counterclockwise through the space.) and then the Blessing or filling (done clockwise through the space.)

To clear take your broom and literally “sweep” the bad energy out of each space and area (including corners and ceilings) You don’t have to literally “touch” the areas with your broom bristles if you are afraid of messing up walls, etc. – but you can! Also, take the sage or palo santo room to room to further clear. You can do these one at a time – or if there is a group of you doing it – do it together – each taking one aspect. If you want more jobs for more people add someone playing a hand drum, bell or “clapping” the negativity out with their hands… Get creative.  There is no “right or wrong” way to do it. Someone can sprinkle cascarilla powder at doorways, windows and thresholds if needed/desired. Just keep all your focus on clearing, cleaning, releasing and removing.  Go “counterclockwise through the rooms and house as much as you can. Have fun with it – but take it seriously! The house should feel really good after this. Really open and clean. A lot of people stop here… but I believe we are only half way done. Once you have a clean space – now you have to fill it up with all the good things you want! 

Patti clearing a house for Jeff Lewis's home on Bravo's Flipping Out.

Patti clears Jeff Lewis’s home on Bravo TV show FLIPPING OUT

Now, go room to room clockwise (opposite of how you did it before) to replenish the space with good, loving, positive, light, energy. Take the candle room to room to bring in light.  Carry the sweet incense into each room. Ring the chime in every room – each item bringing its own element and energy. This time, while in each room – claim and state the intentions and attributes you want in that room. For example, while standing at the front door, state who is allowed in! “Only people allowed in are people invited in, people with respect for you and your home, etc.” In the kitchen you may ask for sustenance, nutrition, yummy food and full cupboards. Love, sleep, rest and great sex in the bedroom. Good friends, conversation and laughter in the dining room. Cleanliness, good elimination, beauty and good self-image in the bathroom. Etc., etc. Each room will fill up with all the emotions and attributes you put into it…Plus, there will be “no room” for the bad energies to get back in! You will feel the subtle difference in every space.  Again – give your 100% commitment to your intentions – but have lots of fun with the process.

Gather round at the starting point. Give thanks and enjoy your shiny new home!

Remember, magic is EVERYWHERE!

“Til next time. With love, blessings and big, big hugs from Hollywood!  ;o)  xox Patti 

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