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Bringing a little Moon Magic into your life

We do our New Year’s resolutions…we keep some of them, some we don’t – and life goes on either way. Often, we find ourselves in a bit of a rut where each day runs into the next without much delineation. Here is one simple, fun and powerful way to change that. Follow the moon! As stated in the elemental balancing exercises earlier, we are almost 70% water.  Just like the moon affects the tides, we are affected the same way! It’s not just the “full moon” that makes everybody crazy… we are subtly affected by ALL the moon cycles. If we tap into these cycles we can shift the things we want in our life a whole lot faster and with grace and ease by just tuning into these cycles.

Without getting into anything complicated, here’s how you can easily add a little moon magic into your life. The basics: We have a full moon about once a month. In the two weeks leading up to a full moon, the moon is waxing (getting bigger); in the two weeks after a full moon, the moon is waning (getting smaller). The perfect time to “add things” into your life is while the moon is getting bigger, transitioning from new moon to full moon. A little more love, a little more fun, a little more laughter or money or all of the above.

Conversely, the perfect time to “let go” of things you no longer want or need is after the full moon, when it is getting smaller or waning. A great time to quit smoking, lose a couple pounds, clean out that closet, stop being hard on yourself, etc. During the dark or new moon, it’s a great time to look inward a bit; during the full moon it’s a great time to celebrate, give thanks, do magic, dance and create.

Even if just for a few minutes a day, be aware of the moon’s cycle and “act accordingly;” you can get a lot accomplished and add texture, productivity and joy to your life. Instead of watching month after month slip by, you now have this beautiful texture, like breathing or a tide where you have two weeks of manifesting and two weeks of clearing.  

Make a point of actually going outside and looking at the moon. Do it often. You will be amazed. You’ve nothing to lose. It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s free…and you will notice positive changes almost immediately! Use the same “adding during waxing” and “releasing during waning” to your spell working as well! 

Remember, magic is EVERYWHERE!

“Til next time. With love, blessings and big, big hugs from Hollywood!  ;o)  xox Patti 

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The Witch and the Wizard
Patti Negri & Pamela Beaty

THIS SUNDAY, August 19th at 4:30 p.m. in Burbank, Ca

In this open, intimate forum Good Witch, Psychic/Medium, PATTI NEGRI, & author, Shamanic healer/Akashic records therapist, PAMELA BEATY, are joining forces in order to answer both your personal and Universal questions!

Have lost loved ones you would like to try to contact on the other side? 

Have questions about your life path, relationships, or the ultimate question…
why are you here?

Or do you just want to spend an evening reconnecting with spirit by spending it with others that strive to put their spirit first. The salon group is the perfect way to do just that. 
You will learn not only from your question but also by listening
to the answer spirit gives to others questions. AND it’s fun!


Facebook Event and Tickets Available Online
Limited venue seating – Reserve your seat now!

Join me Sunday, August 26th on the Main Stage at ScareLA at the LA Convention Center

Para Powerhouse:
Dark Secrets of the Paranormal

Monster Stage, August 26th, 4-4:45 p.m.

Hear these haunting stories by some of the worlds top psychics, paranormal investigators, mediums and demonologists. As the lines blur between our world and the beyond the question remains – what is real? Perhaps after this presentation you will know… enter the darkness of the world on the other side. Panel includes: Patti Negri, Father Sebastiaan, Chris Flemming and Matt Schultz
Panel will end with a live mini group seance for the entire audience!

More info on our Mainstage event online

Info on entire weekend at ScareLA.com

Join me for Magic Night

at the Grand Central Market in Downtown, LA.
Saturday, August 25th, 7-10 p.m.
Info coming soon at GrandCentralMarket.com 

Join me the last weekend in
September for our annual


Embrace Your Spirit Conference, Get your tickets today!

You Can Thrive in These Times! Embrace Your Spirit Conference!
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