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Photo: Alina Zilbershmidt, @constellation888

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Photo: Alina Zilbershmidt, @constellation888.

Weight Loss Magic

Wanna’ lose a little? How about some Weight Loss Magic!
It’s fun, easy and effective!

If you are like me, sometimes we gain a few extra pounds during the holiday and winter months… and with the coming of the new year we want to shed some of those unwanted pounds as well!  

Weight has always been an issue of mine, so the mere fact I have been on “a diet” most of my life, I consider myself an expert – so I decided to share some of my favorite and most effective techniques for losing those pounds using real magic. Yes, of course DIET and EXERCISE are the most important parts, but here are some of my tried and true magical techniques that can help you along your way!

Spend a moment or two thinking about the things that keep you from losing the excess weight. Write out everything you are truly ready to let go of. Write how much weight you want to lose and what bad habits you are willing to release. Now concentrate on all the negative aspects of dieting (cravings, temptations, cheating, hard work). Write all these things down on a piece of paper and REALLY put your passion into it.  See, smell, feel these things you’re writing down and are READY TO LET GO OF!

Then, in a fire safe bowl, burn the paper while chanting “BURN, BURN, BURN AWAY. BURN THESE STUBBORN POUNDS TODAY.” Keep chanting while it burns. Put every bit of belief and desire into releasing these things getting in your way. You should feel literally “tired and relieved” by the time the paper is gone! (And really ready for some positive results!)

Now we are going to do some Cord and Knot Magic, so you can catch and contain the magic as well!

Cut a string or cord to approximately the size of your waist. Then one at a time, tie nine evenly spaced knots in the cord, saying with each: (Blowing on and breathing life into each knot with your breath as you pull the knot tight!)

First knot: By knot of one, I now ignite a reduction in my appetite
Second knot: By knot of two, my metabolism becomes an active mechanism
Third knot: By knot of three, I bind desire for unhealthy foods; it now expires
Fourth knot: By knot of four, I bind the urge to binge and gobble, gorge and splurge
Fifth knot: By knot of five, inertia goes and exercise, I don’t oppose
Sixth knot: By knot of six, all excess weight is released to quickly dissipate
Seventh knot: By knot of seven, I resist servings larger than two fists
Eighth knot: By knot of eight, insecurity goes, self-worth buds and blooms and grows
Ninth knot: By knot of nine, I bind setbacks, so I can easily stay on track

Then close your eyes and visualize the image of you slowly shrinking in size, till you wish to get to that desired weight and look. Keep the string close to you while you lose your weight. You can wear it around your wrist or neck or keep it tucked in your bra or pocket.

Here comes the real powerful EVERY DAY magic!
Do the following until you reach your desired weight… 

Any time before you eat, light a candle to Venus while you dine. (Even little snacks!) 
Let the power of Venus transform your whole eating experience. Before you eat say to yourself” I am beautiful, I am strong, Let this spell make me well.”When you’re done, leave a small morsel as a token offering. Burn the candle whenever you eat and at least fifteen minutes daily. and snuff (don’t blow) out the candle. When you are in a place where you cannot light a candle, imagine one so strongly in your mind that you can nearly see it right there on the table in front of you.

Get two jars and some marbles or stones (enough marbles for each pound you want to lose). Display them where you will see them every day (Kitchen is a good spot!). On one jar write “TO LOSE” on the other write “LOST” – and for every pound you lose – move a marble from the to “lose” to the “lost” jar. If you slip and go backwards, that’s okay – but you have to move that marble temporarily back until you lose it again… but you will be amazed and empowered as you watch the marbles switch jars. Soon you will be displaying proud for all to see!

These magical techniques will help you keep on track with your awareness, therefore positively enforcing your eating and exercise – and make it a lot more fun!

Photos: Gina Leslie, The WellOfImages.com

Photos by Gina Leslie, The Well of Images
 So, remember, magic is EVERYWHERE! Sometimes all we need is a thought or perception change or new awareness to work the biggest magic of all. “Til next time.

With love, blessings and big, big hugs from Hollywood!  ;o)  xox Patti

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For the first time
Join Sheena Metal, Me & 
Belle the Haunted Doll for

Antiques Ghost Show

For the first time Join Sheena Metal (left), Me (right) & Belle the Haunted Doll for Antiques Ghost Show.

Friday, January 18th
Doors open at 7:30 p.m.

LA area folks, join us LIVE and in person this Friday night! Mediumship Gallery, Haunted Objects and a Seance! Follow link to event page for info and tickets! Would LOVE to see you!
Facebook event page for info and Eventbrite tickets.
VIP Tickets include an intimate séance after the gallery!
The LOFT Ensemble
13442 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks
Tickets $40 / VIP Tickets $75 includes live séance after Gallery!
Call or email me for info. 3234610640  Patti@PattiNegri.com

Patti with Belle, the haunted doll

Sunday, February 3rd, 4:30 p.m.

The Witch & The Wizard

Patti getting ready for The Witch & The Wizard
Patti and Pamela in an intimate setting

In this open, intimate forum Good Witch, Psychic/Medium, PATTI NEGRI, & Author, Shamanic healer/Akashic records therapist, PAMELA BEATY, are joining forces in order to answer both your personal and Universal questions!

Have lost loved ones you would like to try to contact on the other side? Have questions about your life path, relationships, or the ultimate question…why are you here? 

Or do you just want to spend an evening reconnecting with spirit by spending it with others that strive to put their spirit first. The salon group is the perfect way to do just that. You will learn not only from your question but also by listening to the answer spirit gives to others questions. AND it’s fun! 



Call or email me for info. 3234610640  Patti@PattiNegri.com

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