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Patti Negri's photo by Clodagh McConville www.clodaghphoto.com

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Photo by Clodagh McConville, www.clodaghphoto.com

Practical Magic

Practical magic is simple techniques, spells and thought patterns that anybody can do to improve your day to day life and help you live a magical life every day! Everything is a combination of Mind, Body and Spirit to create the shift, open the door, enhance the opportunity, see a new perception to move forward in the direction you want with a bit more grace, ease and enjoyment as you manifest the life you want! Everything from how to deal with difficult relationships, your own personal blocks, fears and limitations, to how to develop your own psychic ability and intuition and to tune into your own guides and deity. 

Who has the power? YOU do!

(If not…who or what have you given it away to?) In my new book, I will teach you how to be the master or your universe. The architect of your own life.

Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

The one thing we know from the 200,000 books written about it, is that everything we do must include mind, body and spirit. One out of three is “wishful thinking.” Two out of three is “hit or miss” at best. Three out of three is a “home run!” To break it down, to do anything we first must do or have it in our head, in our thought process. We don’t do ANYTHING without it being a thought first. Examples are: “I’m going to be rich. I’m going to eat. I am going bowling. Everybody takes advantage of me”. Etc. Then, hopefully, our body takes action. We start the process of making money, eating, bowling – or even the manifestation of people taking advantage of us…(People most always DO live into our expectations…keep aware of that!) But the third and often elusive is the “spirit” element. It’s less tangible. Harder to grasp. But, the spirit aspect is the “battery power” that makes it happen. It’s like the aspirin for the headache. Spirit can be created a lot of ways; via prayer or affirmations, vision boards, spells and magical workings, or it can be done via the elements. Every element has some specific attributes. We will be using all of these techniques, elements, spells through out
Living your belief system.

To me it is all about Awareness… Awareness, Intent and Conscious Creation. Let’s live our life “Awake. Which is very different than a life lived on “auto pilot”, “phoned in” or “asleep at the wheel!” This book is the perfect place to get started…We know that where you put your energy is where you live. Start putting your energy into the things you want – not the things you don’t have. The classic “Glass half empty vs glass half full” is a perfect place to start. Yes, fate exists.  But free will and manifestation outweigh it by a landslide.  This is a good place to begin in creating a life you love. 

You cant control everything around you. But you CAN control how you react to the things around you – and that changes EVERYTHING! 

Photos of Patti Negri's Book, Old World Magick for the Modern World

I am pleased to officially announce the upcoming launch of my book
Old World Magick for the Modern World. 
Tips, tricks and techniques to balance, empower and create a life you love!

Thursday April 18 thru Sunday April 21, 2019

Please mark it on your calendar.

On that date I’ll be sharing both via email and social media how to support the goal of empowering as many people as possible to consciously create a magical life they truly love.
Details will be in the email on the 18th – Launch Day.

In advance, I send you my sincere appreciation for your efforts and participation.
My vision is that many people benefit from this work. I wish to help as many people as possible transform and empower their lives. THANK YOU for supporting me in making this dream come true!

Old World Magick for the Modern World
The book offers easy techniques to shift your energy, your perception and your outcomes to create the life you want.  In love and magick, Xox Patti

I have been busy filming, but I don’t have air dates on some of my upcoming projects yet! I will post when I have more info.

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Join me at an

Intimate Séance

at my home in the Hollywood Hills
THIS Sunday, April 13th at 7:30 p.m.

$50 per person (seating VERY limited) Call or email me to RSVP
323.461.0640 Patti@PattiNegri.com

Patti conducing a séance

It will be a beautiful “raising of the veil between the worlds” where you can directly communicate with your departed loved ones in a safe, loving atmosphere in a small group around my dining room table.

Patti conducting a séance.

Feeling your Inner Vampire?

Join me April 19th thru April 21st in Las Vegas for VampireCon!

I will be doing a seance there Friday night! Great stuff going on all weekend!!!

Get 10% off with my code: PattiLV2019

Go to the website https://endlessnight.com/vegas for tickets!

Or Visit the Facebook Event.

Visit Patti Negri at Vampiricon!

Looking for some “Spirited” adventure in the Old West?

Join me in Virginia City for Paracon May 3rd, 4th and 5th!

I will be presenting, exhibiting and participating in many Paranormal Adventures with some AMAZING folks!  Check out the website today!

Visit https://www.vcparacon.com/ for information.

Want to play with a friendly ghost or two?
Join me Friday, May 10th
in Los Angeles for our next

Antiques Ghost Show

Patti, Sheena and Belle

with Belle my 104 year old Haunted Doll And the GOOD side of spirits and hauntings!

Sheena Metal and I will be doing a Mediumship Gallery, Haunted Objects and a Seance! We would LOVE to see you!
Eventbrite Tickets
Call or email me for info. 3234610640  Patti@PattiNegri.com

Patti with Belle, the haunted doll

I still don’t have an airdate…but it’s going to be soon!

I am honored….

Minor Adventures with Topher Grace

To be one of the very first guests on Topher Grace’s new Podcast! Minor Adventures with Topher Grace!

Take an Adventure with Topher Grace

Topher Grace Reveals What Makes His Podcast Different & Original 

It was wonderful working at Anna Faris’s beautiful new UNQUALIFIED Studio in Hollywood. My segment was with the handsome host Topher Grace (That 70s show, BlackKlansman, Spiderman 3) and the beautiful Skylar Samuels (The Gifted, American Horror Stories, Scream Queens) Can’t talk much about it yet – but we raised the veil between the worlds and raised the roof! Can’t wait for this one! I will post as soon as I have an air date! Read more about the podcast here.


Recent Press Photos of Patti Negri

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