Witches Brew Special Edition #1

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Patti Negri's photo by Clodagh McConville www.clodaghphoto.com

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Photo by Clodagh McConville, www.clodaghphoto.com

I’m launching my book TODAY!

I am pleased to officially announce the launch of my book,
Old World Magick for the Modern World
Tips, Tricks and Techniques to Balance, Empower and Create a Life You Love! 

The book offers easy techniques to shift your energy, your perception and your outcomes to create the life you want.

 -Here’s How Can You Help-
 If enough people purchase the book during the launch there is a great chance of getting the book on to the best seller list and helping spread its message.

So, in honor of my launch, for the next few days, you can download my book for a super discounted price of only $1.99

soplease act right now, it’ll only take a minute. 

Please click the image or link to get your copy now.

Old World Magick for the Modern World

 Click the Link to get the book on Amazon – http://bit.ly/OldWorldMagick

Thank you for your support in making this vision come true!

In love and magick,
Xox Patti
P S. You don’t need a kindle device to read the book, it can be read on any device.
P.S.S.  If you can take a moment to leave a review on Amazon, this would help the rankings also and be much appreciated!

Buy my book today!

I have been busy filming, but I don’t have air dates on some of my upcoming projects yet! I will post when I have more info.

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Feeling your Inner Vampire?

Join me April 19th thru April 21st in Las Vegas for VampireCon!

I will be doing a seance there Friday night! Great stuff going on all weekend!!!

Get 10% off with my code: PattiLV2019

Go to the website https://endlessnight.com/vegas for tickets!

Or Visit the Facebook Event.

Visit Patti Negri at Vampiricon!

Looking for some “Spirited” adventure in the Old West?

Join me in Virginia City for Paracon May 3rd, 4th and 5th!

I will be presenting, exhibiting and participating in many Paranormal Adventures with some AMAZING folks!  Check out the website today!

Visit https://www.vcparacon.com/ for information.

Want to play with a friendly ghost or two?
Join me Friday, May 10th
in Los Angeles for our next

Antiques Ghost Show

Patti, Sheena and Belle

with Belle my 104 year old Haunted Doll And the GOOD side of spirits and hauntings!

Sheena Metal and I will be doing a Mediumship Gallery, Haunted Objects and a Seance! We would LOVE to see you!
Eventbrite Tickets
Call or email me for info. 3234610640  Patti@PattiNegri.com

Patti with Belle, the haunted doll

I still don’t have an airdate…but it’s going to be soon!

I am honored….

Minor Adventures with Topher Grace

To be one of the very first guests on Topher Grace’s new Podcast! Minor Adventures with Topher Grace!

Take an Adventure with Topher Grace

Topher Grace Reveals What Makes His Podcast Different & Original 

It was wonderful working at Anna Faris’s beautiful new UNQUALIFIED Studio in Hollywood. My segment was with the handsome host Topher Grace (That 70s show, BlackKlansman, Spiderman 3) and the beautiful Skylar Samuels (The Gifted, American Horror Stories, Scream Queens) Can’t talk much about it yet – but we raised the veil between the worlds and raised the roof! Can’t wait for this one! I will post as soon as I have an air date! Read more about the podcast here.


Recent Press Photos of Patti Negri

Lots more to come…

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And…in case you haven’t checked it out yet…
join me in a rare and intimate

HOI TV has added some episodes with me!


beautiful new online platform where you can watch and learn my easy, empowering and life affirming magical techniques and ideas!

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You can always check out my IMDB page for some of my upcoming shows. 
That’s all for now! Now go out and make some magic in your life and world! See ya next time! Big, big hugs from Hollywood!  Xox Patti


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