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Welcome to Witches Brew

A newsletter guaranteed to bring a little magic to your life.

Welcome to my newsletter, Witches Brew. In each issue I will give hints, tips and tricks to bring a little magic into your life. Also, I will feature my live appearances, workshops, news and information about my film and tv adventures and airings.

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Please note: Except for emergency house and space clearings, I will be moving my private sessions online for the next few weeks via Skype, Facebpok Video Messenger, Zoom, What’s App and Phone.

Special Circumstances: I am also offering some discounts and sliding scale pricing for a few weeks if needed.


This Month’s Magic

BATHROOM MAGIC: This month’s magic is another repost and excerpt from my book!

I figured since many of us are still on quarantine or “shelter at home” orders, we can make this time at home a little more fun, enlightening and productive….And for those of you who are working through this pandemic in health care and other essential services – you may need this even more!

There are so many ways to incorporate bathrooms into your daily magic. Your daily bathroom functions can easily become magical rituals that help you relax, invigorate, focus, manifest and empower…all while doing your daily routine! One of my favorites is a “White Bath”. I put in a little salt for cleansing, sugar for sweetness and milk for nurturing…You will feel a little like you are breakfast cereal – but you can rinse off afterwards and the benefits are amazing! A simple grounding and detoxing bath is Epsom salts and baking soda or try some rose petals and rose quartz for a self-love ritual.

If you don’t have a bathtub, you can get the same effect with just a foot bath! Or you can use a shower – and put any herbs and salts wrapped in a cloth bag. Even a pinch of salt thrown on the floor of your quickie shower can turn it into a cleansing shower!

I like to carve symbols or sigils on soap to manifest things. Looking for love? Carve a heart in your soap.  Money? Carve a dollar sign! If you use liquid soap…Draw or write on the bottle of your soap with a permanent marker. You can do the same with your shampoo and conditioner…So, the daily act of cleansing – now becomes ritual magical manifestation! Even when the soap wears down – or marker wears off…your soap has been empowered with your intent! You can also use sigils on soap when you want to banish something from my life. As the soap dissolves when your washing up, imagine your troubles dissolving with it.

You can enchant your toothbrush and toothpaste to make your speech more eloquent and charming. Spearmint is said to give you these qualities, and it is easy to find spearmint toothpaste!

The toilet can be used to literally flush your troubles away. All your lower chakras are open when you are going to the bathroom. Just a pinch of salt in the commode before you sit down can turn your toilet into a magical water cauldron where you literally flush away your worries, anger or fear with your normal body waste elimination!  Mirrors are extremely powerful tools, especially in glamour magick. Empower your mirror to reflect good health, good body image and self-love! The most mundane of daily activities can turn into powerful, magical rituals to bring magic into your life every day!

I am thrilled to announce

my new podcast THE WITCHING HOUR is now full steam ahead! New episodes can be heard every Friday night at 10 p.m. Pacific time on www.Dashradio.com TalkX channel. Dash is a great station. You can download the app for free and they have about 80 commercial free channels, including a dedicated Corona Virus information channel. 

One week after its debut on DASH, all podcasts move to Anchor/Spotify and the usual podcast places! I even have a new Facebook information page for it as well.

Unedited “backstage views” of videos of my podcast will also be uploaded to my YouTube page. 

I am do very blessed to have the most AMAZING weekly guests like Char Margolis, Kyle Thomas, Shanna Moakler, Bridget Marquardt, Bishop Bryan Oulette, Father Sebastiaan, Jason Horton & Rebecca Leib, Joshua P. Warren, Darren Evans, Prof. Frank Chindamo, Richard-Lael Lillard, Shauna Grace and so many more!

While you are stuck at home…

I’ve got some lovely reading for you!

Old World Magick for the Modern World.
Tips, tricks and techniques to balance, empower and create a life you love!
Thank you also to all of you who wrote me beautiful reviews on Amazon. 
Again, I am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart. 
Reviews really do help me a lot!
In case you didn’t get my book yet, here is an easy link to Amazon.
You can download an E or audio book – or get a print copy.
 Don’t forget to read this wonderful review of the book!

Upcoming Events

I have many upcoming events…
BUT they have all been postponed due to the current pandemic.
 I will be appearing at:

The Virginia City Paracon in Nevada, August 14-16

Miracles of Joy in Dallas, Texas, August 21-23

Also Upcoming

  • The Vulture City Paracon October 2-3 in Arizona
  • The Psychic Fair at the Gaia House of Healing in Fresno, California, October 17-18
  • The Slaughterhouse Investigation in Arizona, November, 11th
    – but I will send more info on those in my next newsletter. 
  • I also have several TV and YouTube filming’s coming up – all on temporary hold as the world comes together to heal.

To get the most up to date info on my appearances, TV airings, radio, YouTube and podcasts please follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
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Call or email me for info. 323.461.0640  Patti@PattiNegri.com


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