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Life feeling Upside Down right now?

Life got you feeling upside down? Feel like you just want to escape sometimes? Then, Welcome to my newsletter, Witches Brew. In each issue I will give hints, tips and tricks to bring a little magic into your life. Also, I will feature my live appearances, workshops, news and information about my film and tv adventures and airings.

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Please note: Except for emergency house and space clearings, I will be moving my private sessions online for the next few weeks via Skype, Facebpok Video Messenger, Zoom, What’s App and Phone, (except for emergency house and space clearings, in which I keep fully masked and social distancing practices). Call for more info.

Special Circumstances: I am also offering some discounts and sliding scale pricing for a few weeks if needed for those adversely affected by the pandemic.

This Month’s Magic

MOON MAGIC: This month’s magic is another repost and excerpt from my book!

Often, especially now during the pandemic, we find ourselves in a bit of a rut where each day runs into the next without much delineation. Here is one simple, fun and powerful way to shift that. 

Follow the moon!

About 60% of the human body is water. Over 70% of the earth is water. Just like the moon affects the tides, the moon affects US in the same way! It’s not just the “full moon” that makes everybody crazy…we are subtly affected by ALL the moon cycles. If we tap into these cycles we can shift the things we want in our life a whole lot faster and with grace and ease by just tuning into these cycles.

Without getting into anything complicated, here’s how you can easily add a little moon magic into your life. 

The basics:

We have a full moon about once a month. In the two weeks leading up to a full moon, the moon is waxing (getting bigger); in the two weeks after a full moon, the moon is waning (getting smaller). The perfect time to “add things” into your life is while the moon is getting bigger, transitioning from new moon to full moon. A little more love, a little more fun, a little more laughter or money or all of the above.

Conversely, the perfect time to “let go” of things you no longer want or need is after the full moon, when it is getting smaller or waning. A great time to quit smoking, lose a couple pounds, clean out that closet, stop being hard on yourself, etc. During the dark or new moon, it’s a great time to look inward a bit; during the full moon it’s a great time to celebrate, give thanks, do magic, dance and create.

Phases of the moon

Even if just for a few minutes a day, be aware of the moon’s cycle and “act accordingly;” you can get a lot accomplished and add texture, productivity and joy to your life. Instead of watching month after month slip by, you now have this beautiful texture, like breathing or a tide where you have two weeks of manifesting and two weeks of clearing.

Make a point of actually going outside and looking at the moon. Do it often. You will be amazed. You’ve nothing to lose. It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s free…and you will notice positive changes almost immediately! Use the same “adding during waxing” and “releasing during waning” to your spell working as well!

The Witching Hour podcast

My new podcast THE WITCHING HOUR is going full steam ahead! New episodes can be heard every Friday night at 10 PM Pacific time on www.Dashradio.com TalkX channel. Dash is a great station. You can download the app for free and they have about 80 commercial free channels, including a dedicated Corona Virus information channel.One week after its debut on DASH, all my podcasts move to Anchor/Spotify and the usual podcast places!  I have a new Facebook information page for it as well.

Patti's Podcast Guests

I am so very blessed to have the most AMAZING guests each week. Upcoming guests this summer include Alex Kazemi, Trevi Moran, Jeff Belanger, Bloody Mary, Stefan Brigati, Nick Bonanni and more!

Tune in to find out!

While you are stuck at home…

I’ve got some lovely reading for you!


Old World Magick for the Modern World.
Tips, tricks and techniques to balance, empower and create a life you love!

Thank you also to all of you who wrote me beautiful reviews on Amazon. 
Again, I am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart. 
Reviews really do help me a lot!

In case you didn’t get my book yet, here is an easy link to Amazon.
You can download an E or audio book – or get a print copy.

 Don’t forget to read this wonderful review of the book!

Upcoming Events

I have many upcoming events…many have been postponed due to the current pandemic. Here are some currently on the books and planning to happen:

I will be appearing at:

The Virginia City Paracon in Nevada, August 7-9

VC Parcon Flyer



HarleCon at YOUR HOUSE, August 15

This one is free and “virtual” (you can come in your jammies!)

Miracles of Joy in Dallas, Texas, August 21-23
Miracles of Joy flyer
Patti is Hollywood's

Vulture City Paracon Wickenberg, Arizona, October 2-4
Vulture City Parcon II flyer listing all guests
Meet Patti Negri at Vulture City Paracon II
The Slaughterhouse Investigation Tucson, Arizona, November, 11th
SlaughterCon flyer featuring all guests

I am SO excited to announce
my first European Haunted Tour!

Photo of Ireland
Like Ghosts? Like Castles? Like Game of Thrones? Then join me as we combine them all on this mystical magical Haunted Tour of Ireland! Really reasonable priced – and the best of the best in tour guides/companies who know all the best places to visit!

Check out the itinerary, FB pagewebsite and teaser videos on YouTube

Secret Ireland Tours information found on https://www.secretirelandtoursllc.com/

I am SO STOKED! Join me wont you?

Please use this jotform when signing up for the tour.

Here is a short, fun information video about the trip and just for fun, here’s another!

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That’s all for now!  Now go out (or stay in) and make some magick in your life and world!  See ya next time!  Big, big hugs from Hollywood! XOX Patti



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