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Have you ever wanted to understand why your life is turning out the way it is, or what will happen next? Do you ever wonder about what lies ahead and how you can prepare for it?

It is only natural to wonder about your future. If you know for sure what’s coming in your life next, you will know what to expect and avoid any unwanted surprises. 

The good news is that you can find the answers to these questions, and one of our favourite ways to do so is with a crystal reading. However, you cannot do it all by yourself and would need to consult an experienced crystal witch like Patti Negri.

Fortunately, Patti’s 30 minute and 60 minute sessions include crystal readings and a whole lot more!

Patti is a certified psychic medium and the world’s most famous “good” witch with reams of experience communicating with the spirit world. She has worked with a wide range of different clients including major celebrities, and is experienced at conducting rituals, seances and house blessings.

Besides that, she has made appearances in many popular TV shows like Ghost Adventures. Additionally, Patti has also widely contributed her knowledge in a variety of books and magazines. You may also catch her on the radio where she famously conducts live seances.

Along with that, Patti is also a respected member of the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums— an organization dedicated to ensuring the authenticity of psychics and mediums. 

Patti’s approach to magick is one full of love. She believes in offering unconditional support and guidance so that you feel safe and free to explore the unknown with her. 

In her 30 minute and 60 minute sessions, Patti will guide you toward all the answers you seek from life with her crystal psychic readings. All you need to do is put your faith in her and let the magick happen.

Moreover, her sessions also include tarot readings, past life readings, empowerment training and a whole lot more!

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What is a Crystal Reading?

Also known as scrying, during a crystal reading, Patti will divine information to uncover the information you seek. This is usually done by psychics who have the ability to see images in crystals to provide helpful information. This information can include details about your present circumstances, their past and their future. 

Moreover, there is no limit to what you can explore with crystal ball readings. Whether you are confused about matters of the heart, career or home, you will be able to find answers for everything.

Crystal balls usually contain some cracks and clouds. These intricate details help crystal readers like Patti understand and see visions. Every crystal ball will differ and will contain different types of details. This is because crystal balls are made from different materials like quartz, glass, rose quartz, etc. 

What is interesting about crystal readings is that they don’t just provide answers, they can also help you heal. With an experienced crystal reader like Patti, you will be able to understand the meaning behind certain events that have occurred in your life and explore inner blocks. 

Besides that, crystal balls can also help you communicate with the spirit world. If you want to receive communication or guidance from a loved one who has passed away, a crystal reader can help deliver their message to you. Furthermore, crystals naturally possess an electric charge that can be transformed into electrical signals, which gives spirits an easy way of communicating with you. 

What Does a Crystal Reading Involve?

Crystal ball readings are not as mystifying or otherworldly as they are often portrayed to be in the movies. In fact, crystal readings are one of the most natural ways of connecting with the spirit world and receiving guidance. 

In a typical 30 minute or 60 minute session with Patti, she will first walk you through her process. Once she is assured that you are comfortable and settled to move ahead, you will be asked to focus on what answers you seek. 

Once you know what you would like to focus on in your reading, Patti will focus on your questions and go into a trance like state. When in this state, she will receive communication, guidance and signs from the spirit world in the form of images or symbols. Based on what she sees, she will decipher the meaning for you.

What are the Benefits of a Crystal Reading?

Crystal ball readings are beneficial for everyone. They are a means of finding answers to questions that would otherwise go unanswered. Crystal readings are also a safe way to communicate with the spirit world and receive true guidance.

Moreover, when you put your faith in an experienced crystal reader like Patti, you will find it easy to understand why things happen the way they do in your life. It then becomes easier for you to bring about positive change and lead a healthier and happier life.

Why Choose Patti?

During your crystal reading, you have to open yourself up and put your trust into someone else. This is why it is important to choose a crystal reader who is not only experienced, but also provides a safe, empathetic and loving space for you to fully explore anything you like. 

Patti, being one of the world’s best psychic mediums, provides unconditional support and empathy in all her sessions. This is why, with Patti, you are guaranteed to have the best crystal reading session.

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What Clients Say

"I have had the great fortune to get to work with her a couple of times and she is for sure an “angel” amongst us and anyone who receive her guidance should consider themselves very lucky indeed! Sincerely, Many thanks!" - Annette Capranica

"Patti is articulate, smart, sassy and compassionate all rolled in one. The perfect package! Patti is also dependable to work with meaning she’ll be there if she says she will be. And you are glad to have her around because she is not only talented but she sincerely cares about those she is with. A truly remarkable person in so many ways! Take care" - Fran Howell 


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