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Are you looking for a spiritual empowerment coach? Did you know that empowerment training can help you connect with the magick within?

If you believe in the magick around us and are willing to unlock it, a 60 Minute Session With Patti is precisely what you need.

As Hollywood’s most famous ‘Good’ witch and psychic medium, Patti Negri is known across the world for her multiple appearances on the Travel Channel, Ghost Adventures, and many other paranormal shows.

Moreover, Patti Negri is also a member of the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums, an organization dedicated to ensuring the authenticity of psychics and mediums through a series of specific tests.

In her 30 minute and 60 Minute Sessions, Patti uses a wide variety of spiritual and magickal methods to help you find the answers to all your questions. These involve psychic readings, channeling, past life work, tarot, and empowerment training.

Thus, with her psychic abilities and knowledge of the spiritual world, Patti will be your spiritual empowerment coach and guide you through your path to spirituality.

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What is Spiritual Empowerment Training?

Empowerment training is one of the most intricate practices that can help you walk on a path of serenity, control, and great spiritual strength.

However, opposing the misconception, spiritual empowerment doesn’t exempt you from the banal experiences of daily life, but rather gives you the tools to feel the magick in those moments.

Spiritual empowerment training can help you connect to a world greater than your individual self. An untapped world within you that holds the key to everything that helps one achieve the sense of stability and peace they’re looking for.

Empowerment training can help you understand yourself better and learn about the flow of nature that drives you as a being.

Patti believes that everyone has their own personal path where they need to explore the answers to the questions that life presents them. With her psychic abilities and empowerment training, she can be the spiritual empowerment coach who guides you along your way.

Patti says that Magick is all around us in different forms and names. In her opinion, anyone who really wants to can connect to the abundant magickal energy around them and harness it to lead a more fulfilling and happier life.

All the answers surround us and they’re right there for the taking, all you need to do is take a leap of faith, reach out and grab it.

In Patti’s 60-minute sessions, she will guide you toward the path to empowerment and inspire you to explore the magick within.

What Does Empowerment Training Involve?

Patti Negri is a widely-known psychic, medium, empath, and clairvoyant, famous for her strong and positive beliefs and magickal abilities.

With her sessions, Patti aims to help clients get in touch with their intuitive selves and empower them to create hope, love, and happiness in life.

The empowerment training is a part of her 60-minute and 30-minute sessions, where she shall use various methodologies to help you achieve your goals and find the answers to your questions.

Some of the wide range of methodologies that Patti uses in her sessions are intuitive reading, journey work, energy balancing, channeling, self-empowerment and so much more.

These practices can be a crucial part of your empowerment training and help you achieve your goals more effectively.

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What Are The Benefits of Empowerment Training?

Patti’s spiritual empowerment training can come with a number of benefits for you. Her special abilities and knowledge can strongly help you with a wide variety of problems in your life.

With her expertise in rituals and spells to adjust energy levels and bring about balance in life, Patti’s sessions can help encourage healing and change lives for the better.

Moreover, as your spiritual empowerment coach, Patti can be the confidante that guides you along your spiritual journey and helps you take charge of your life.

Why Choose Patti?

With years of experience as one of Hollywood’s biggest psychics, Patti Negri is the ‘Good’ witch known for her multiple TV appearances and exceptional abilities.

Working with a large clientele that spans across the globe, Patti is famous for her incredible psychic readings and seances, that are witnessed by many.

What’s more, Patti is now available for private sessions with a number of services including house blessings & clearings, seances, rituals & magickal spells and 30-minute and 60-minute private sessions for all other needs.

To learn more about her services, visit our booking page and for any questions for Patti, email her now!


What Clients Say

"Pattis book Old World Magick for the Modern World is very inspiring and an easy guide to a better life. For me it was an affirmation to the things I was already doing, whether it's looking up and wishing upon the moon or keeping a glass of water by my bedside or taking a bath to relieve negative energy.

This book helped me understand and work with those elements to give them more power and to make them work in my favor. It's an easy guide to a better life. I had the opportunity of meeting Patti in person, and her light and positive energy reflects in this book. She's the kind of person that inspires others to take charge of their life and motivates them! It's a great book to have around if you need a little extra magic in your life!" - Marta Traskevych


"I have been to Patti Negri several times over the years. Her talent as a Psychic has been right on in every phase of my life. Thank you" - Bill Landrum


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