Energy Balancing


There are times in our lives when we feel overwhelmed by the negative energy building up inside us. It’s because our body and mind need the perfect balance between negative and positive energy to live a happy and peaceful life. 

We often use terms like chakras to define the energy centers in our body linked to psychosomatic characteristics. If there’s a lack of balance between your chakras, the spiritual energy between us won’t flow smoothly through your body. 

Here’s where an experienced and talented witch like Patti can help! In her 30-minute and 60-minute sessions, the good witch can assist you in managing the spiritual energy in your body. 

Patti is one of the most famous “good” witches and has many years of experience in dealing with the spiritual world. With a large number of satisfied clients, you’re assured to be in safe hands. 

Additionally, she has shared her knowledge about magick and energy balancing through various books and magazines. You may also catch her radio appearances once in a while, where she does live seances. 

By booking sessions with Patti, she’ll ensure you feel safe enough as you try to balance your inner energy. You can be assured that she’ll offer you the best support and careful guidance throughout her sessions. 

However, that’s not all she has on offer with her sessions. Some other activities during your time with Patti include tarot reading, intuitive reading, past life work, empowerment training and much more! 

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What is Energy Balancing?

Our body consists of various energy points which flow through our body in tandem. If you have an exemplary spiritual balance inside you, it aligns with the energy flow. This severely decreases the likelihood of negative feelings and thoughts in your mind. 

Additionally, it also decreases the chances of physical sickness, helping you move a step towards a healthy and happy life. The energy balance is also helpful to live a good spiritual life. 

By booking a session with Patti, you can learn more about the energy inside your body and how to stabilize it. Some common ways people use to try to balance their spiritual energy include reconnecting with nature, meditation, and more peaceful activities. 

However, the best way to receive guidance on energy balancing is to rely on a trusted medium, like Patti. With years of experience in helping people find balance in their spiritual energy, Patti is a reliable person in this field. 

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What Does an Energy Balancing Session Involve?

An energy-balancing session differs depending on the type of person and the situation they’re facing. Patti’s knowledge and experience will guide you to gain more peace and clarity about yourself. 

The session will work towards balancing out any negative energy you’re facing in your life. Patti will help work on solving the mental and physical problems you’re currently dealing with and bring inner peace to your soul. 

During your 30-minute or 60-minute session, the good witch will give you a proper introduction to energy balancing. After that, she’ll give you a rundown of the process and guide you along the way. 

Patti will ask you to relax and take deep breaths and will begin to work her magic on you. She’ll attempt to discover more about your energy and help you to bring a balance to it. 

These sessions will help you learn more about yourself as you work towards finding inner calm. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about being judged as you try to explore more about yourself during these sessions. 

What are the Benefits of Energy Balancing Sessions?

An energy-balancing session can be beneficial to discover more about yourself as a person and find inner calm. It’s also known to improve your mental health and help you live a happier life. 

During your sessions with Patti, you’ll able to get your inner energy flowing naturally again, helping you live a better life. Energy balancing can also help you find the answers to problems that are convoluted for you right now. 

After these sessions, you will walk away as a more positive person with a brighter approach to life. Patti will help you reconnect with your energies and assist you in realizing what makes you the person you are, getting you closer to spiritual awakening. 

Why Choose Patti Negri?

One of the most important steps for energy balancing is to be comfortable in a personal environment. It helps you to be more emotionally honest which plays a crucial role in the free flow of spiritual energy. 

During your energy-balancing process, you need a spiritual medium who can help you gently throughout your self-discovery journey. Patti Negri, one of the most experienced psychic mediums, is the perfect choice for your energy-balancing sessions.

With her experience in spirituality ever since she was a child, she can be the perfect guide towards discovering yourself spiritually. 

To begin the journey of self-improvement through energy balancing, book a 30-minute or 60-minute session with Patti today!

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What Clients Say

"Patti has amazing talent as a psychic and a positive influence on everything and everyone she’s connected with. Thank you" -  Judy Kass Dowden

"I have experienced first-hand Patti’s remarkable compassion and intuition as a psychic medium, and would be happy to talk with you about Ms. Negri’s abilities. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Best Regards" - Shanah McClure, Ph.D.

"I have known Patti for over 25 years. Patti has an extraordinary gift that I have seen her use to help many people. Patti is so full of love and compassion for the human plight and this makes it so easy to talk to her. Her advice and observations are right on. Thank you for your time" - Monica lee Eisenbeis


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