Intuitive Reading

Do you ever feel there is something blocking you from achieving everything you want in your life?

There is often a period in life where you may feel like nothing is working out for you. There may seem to be an invisible wall that is separating you from your ideal life. However, it isn't ever simple to understand what exactly is going wrong.

Luckily for you, Patti's 30 minute and 60 minute sessions include in-depth intuitive readings and much more to help answer your questions and move past blocks!

As a certified psychic medium, Patti is one of the world's most famous "good" witches. She has worked with a broad spectrum of clients and has extensive experience dealing with the spirit world. 

Moreover, she has also made multiple appearances on popular TV shows, like Ghost Adventures. You can find her expert contributions in a large number of books and magazines. You can also catch her on the radio every once in a while, where she conducts live seances. 

Patti is also a respected member of the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums, which is an organization that works towards ensuring the authenticity of psychics and mediums through multiple tests. 

When it comes to practicing magick, Patti believes in adopting a loving, gentle, and respectful approach. She wants to spread joy and facilitate healing, which is why she does what she does. 

In her 30 minute and 60 minute sessions, Patti will ensure that you feel free and safe enough to explore the unknown with her. You can rest assured that Patti will offer her unconditional support and guidance to you throughout your session. 

Moreover, her sessions also include a variety of other elements, like tarot readings, empowerment training, past life work, and much more!

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What is an Intuitive Reading? 

Intuitive readings are a tool through which you can find out what is missing in your life, where you are lacking, and how you can live a much healthier, happier and more fulfilled life. An intuitive reading involves a detailed process that focuses specifically on spiritual disconnect. They help bring you closer to your own inner self. 

In a typical intuitive reading session, Patti will focus on your energy and read your vibrations. It is absolutely essential for your intuitive medium to be an empath and a healer, which is what makes Patti sensitive to other people's energies. 

This helps her to tap into your energy regarding your concerns and allows her to empower you to rise higher and live a better life. An intuitive reading will help you to better understand what is happening in your life and what your purpose is.

What Does an Intuitive Reading Involve?

When it comes to intuitive readings, every session differs depending on who the reading is for, and what they want to explore.

However, with Patti’s knowledge and experience, you will be opening yourself up to clarity, solutions, and a whole lot more.

If you book a 30 minute or 60 minute session with Patti, you will initially be introduced to what an intuitive reading is. Patti will guide you through the process of what she will work on. You will then be asked to simply relax while she intuitively picks up on your vibrations to identify if there is something that needs to be worked on. 

Additionally, an intuitive medium will work with you to uncover any past incidents that may be tampering with your growth in the present. You will find your destined path and identify any spiritual goals that you need to work toward to lead a more fulfilling life. 

In these sessions, you can ask questions about, or explore, any topic without the fear of judgment. From career and relationships to dreams and past life cycles, you can find all the answers you seek.

What are the Benefits of Intuitive Readings?

An intuitive reading session can be advantageous to anyone, as they enhance growth and healing. 

In your sessions with Patti, you will find that through intuitive readings, you are able to release a lot of blocked energy from various areas of your life. This allows positivity to flood in and help you live more joyfully.

You will also find greater clarity regarding life’s issues, understand the reasons behind certain events that have occurred in your life, and be able to deal better with trauma. 

After an intuitive reading session, you will find that you can harbor a positive attitude during difficult times and experience greater harmony in all aspects of your life. Intuitive mediums like Patti can help you reconnect with your strengths and gifts, discover what makes you unique, and facilitate spiritual awakening. 

Why Choose Patti?

Intuitive readings are highly personal. They can open you up to your own inner self and take you on an emotional and spiritual journey to find your true purpose. 

This is why you need to put your faith into an intuitive medium who is experienced and can guide you gently through the process. Patti Negri, one of the best psychic mediums in the world, understands exactly what needs to be done. 

With her experience as an intuitive medium, she will ensure that you get all the answers you seek. 

To begin your journey of finding the answers you are looking for, book a 30 minute session or 60 minute session with Patti today!

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What Clients Say

"In my many years of association with Patti, I know her to be a caring, ethical and an amazing psychic." Dr. Basia Durnas //

"She is a “guide” to me, of sorts, by virtue of her open hearts, generous spirit and intuitive gifts. She has tremendously helped me in awakening my consciousness and have been very supportive of my own healing practice ~ I am a massage therapist/bodywork healer. I admire, trust and honor her with all my being. Few can compare, and none are better." - Sal Velazquez


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