Seances & Communicating with the Other Side

Patti Negri has conducted seances on radio, film, TV and in living rooms and boardrooms across America. Based in Hollywood and largely traveling constantly around the LA area (with the exception of being flown to other areas), Patti’s seances will take you on a journey that is not to be missed.

Patti realized her aptitude for communicating with the spirit world when she conducted her first seance at the young age of eight-years old. In connecting with those who have passed, through these seances, Patti is able to use her natural abilities to remain positive, uplifting, friendly and helpful to those present ie the living and those in spirit. She gives her participants a sense of calm, and one can be at ease in knowing that they are entering into a tranquil, kind environment. In the event that you would like to book a seance with Patti, but are nervous or fearful of things that go bump in the night, please know that Patti is well versed in “psychic protection”.

(Psychic protection involves the ability to remove unwanted energies that are misguided, lost or negative.) In rare occasions, in which this is needed during a seance, Patti will summon the aid of loving and peaceful spirits to cleanse the group and their space. Patti works exclusively in the light and is a practitioner of white “good” magic and has an impenetrable conviction to not harm anyone.

Seance sessions with Patti are safe, and enlightening. She cannot guarantee a spiritual encounter. However, strange and magical things have been known to occur; just ask anyone who has participated in one of her seances! Patti’s clients feel a kinship with her, as she is personable and thoughtful. However, Patti is a professional, and she will treat your seance with sensitivity and discretion, as this can be a life changing occurrence, and she will honor this with the utmost respect.

Comfort and knowledge of seances are things that Patti will happily walk you through and familiarize you with during a consultation. Typically the ritual of a seance will be guided in the dark with all participants forming a circle while the medium (Patti Negri) attempts to communicate with the dead. She may use a series of methods (all ethical) to achieve contact, such as channeling through a trance, automatic writing, writing with a planchette, or thoughtography. Items such as musical instruments may be provided in the hopes of inspiring poltergeist phenomena, as well. Personal items of a deceased person can be suggested and considered based on the appropriateness of said item.

Patti Negri will open the door for you into spiritual realm that can offer you peace of mind by giving you the opportunity to have questions answered that we all may have, such as:

1.What happens after life as we know it?

2. Are my loved ones okay?

3. Do spirits ever visit me, if so, who?

The list of quandaries is numerous. As our world is shifting and the veil continues to get thinner, many people are continuously discovering their own personal spirituality. If part of your pilgrimage involves communing with the spirit world, you can know that there is a way to do so gently and carefully while expanding the perimeters of your mind and exploring the depths of your soul. Patti is more than happy to help you with this experience.

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