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The power of Dragons can be a great influence not only in one's Magical working, but in day to day life as well.

Image of a DragonDragons are often called on as guardian spirits. They make for exceptional allies who can be called on in times of need, for protection or guidance. So, if you would like to add a little dragon magic to your life here's how… 
Do take note…We are creating something real here. It is a real spirit that you create and call in. We are creating something also called a Fetish or a Golem. So, take this seriously and do it with love and in light. A fetish or a Golem is an inanimate object that you actually call life into. This can become your assistant or working partner in life and in your magical practice. We are calling in Dragon energy into your fetish.

First, get a dragon. 

You're going to need to come up with a name for your Dragon. You also are going to have to come up with what your dragons’ purpose is. Perhaps something like, “This Dragon will help bring me love or help or health or happiness. This dragon will get rid of roadblocks and fear. This Dragon will give me confidence, etc.”  I must forewarn you, dragons are a little single-minded, so do not give it too many duties. The way to have multiple jobs, if needed, is to make your dragon your personal assistant. “You are “blank” the Magic Dragon. You are my personal assistant and you will bring me opportunities and you will burn up and breathe away roadblocks, you will keep me healthy and strong and confident!” etc.

Since you are creating a real Spirit, you also have to give it an end date, or it will be out there working for you for all of eternity. Say something like, “Until I don't need you or want you anymore.” And then, when you say so, the spirit will dissipate and go back into the great nothingness and again be just an empty toy. 

Now that your dragon has a name and a job, you literally have to breathe life into it. Really concentrate, open up your spirit put the dragon's mouth right up to yours and give a deep guttural breathe into its mouth. Your breathe is giving it life. 
Care and feeding of your dragon: Keep Your Dragon on your altar or in a sacred or special place where you can see him or her every day. Remember to talk to it every day and keep it part of your life. Now, since it is a living creature, you do have to feed it. Well, drink actually. Liquid is what I give my dragons. I hate to say it, but my dragons and many dragons like alcohol. But, if you do not drink, or have an issue with drinking or alcohol, just feed your dragon apple juice or water or something else. Feed them regularly, they will begin to let you know when they need more or want more. It will disappear. Refill as needed. If it does not disappear, throw it out as you would any offering and then give them new when needed. Some dragons get very mischievous and move around a little. Some dragons drink very fast and some dragons drink very slow. You may have two dragons that drink the same thing at completely different paces. Which sort of debunks the thought of simple evaporation. Have fun with your dragon. Respect your dragon and you will have a good working partner in your life!

Remember, magic is EVERYWHERE! “Til next time. With love, blessings and big, big hugs from Hollywood! ;o) xox Patti

An Early Gift

Patti realized her

aptitude for communicating with the spirit world when she conducted her first seance at the young age of eight-years old. In connecting with those who have passed, through these seances, Patti is able to use her natural abilities to remain positive, uplifting, friendly and helpful to those present ie the living and those in spirit.

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She is a “guide” to me, of sorts, by virtue of her open hearts, generous spirit and intuitive gifts. She has tremendously helped me in awakening my consciousness and have been very supportive of my own healing practice ~ I am a massage therapist/bodywork healer. I admire, trust and honor her with all my being.

Few can compare, and none are better.

Sal Velazquez
Los Angeles, CA

I am a member of the Hollywood Arts community as a ceramics instructor for underprivileged elementary school children in Los Angeles City, California. Patti has one special talent, a gift, you might say, that enters another perception, another dimension, if you will. Special are those; indeed, their insight into some of life’s cauldron of great mysteries and yearnings to know more of the universe beyond our mortal limits is astounding.

 Mela and Hugo Troncoso
Glendale, CA

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