Good Witch of Hollywood

Patti is a Psychic-Medium and "Good Witch" best known for her recurring role on the Travel Channel's #1 show GHOST ADVENTURES. She is the international best selling author of OLD WORLD MAGICK FOR THE MODERN WORLD: TIPS, TRICKS, & TECHNIQUES TO BALANCE, EMPOWER, & CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE. Patti's body of work includes appearances on such shows as MASTER CHEF, BEVERLY HILLS PAWN and Jeff Lewis' FLIPPING OUT. She has graced numerous magazine covers, contributed to over 20 books and conducted seances on radio, film, and TV working with such legends as Jon Voight, Josh Duhamel, Chevy Chase, Gregory Hines and Emma Stone.


Leah Myette

Patti Negri is gifted with razor-sharp psychic and medium abilities and is surrounded by a tremendous amount of light. She has an extensive knowledge of witchcraft, the occult and all things paranormal, and is very generous with the wisdom she has accumulated. After working with her, I felt lighter, calmer and I had more insight into the past, present, and future.

Maria Sanchez

Patti Negri is ethical, compassionate and is willing to go the extra mile with a person (both in the physical and psychic realm). She is supportive of others and their development of talents and gifts. Patti, supports others through her knowledge and ethical psychic talents! The community is blessed to have her as not just a psych, but as a Sista and friend!!!

Psychic/Medium to the Stars

Patti has been able to communicate with the spirit world since she was a toddler and consciously since she conducted her first séance at age eight. Since then, she has conducted séances, clearings and sessions on radio, film, TV and in living rooms across America.

Patti’s working style is magical, loving and upbeat

which creates a positive, safe and fun environment for you to learn, grow and heal. She has been practicing natural magick her entire life. Her specialty is in adjusting energy and flow – in people, spaces, situations, most anything. She works organically by creating spells and rituals that arrange natural elements to the rhythms and cycles of the universe to bring about healing, change our lives for the better, and create balance.

Old World Magick for the Modern World: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to Balance, Empower, and Create a Life You Love.

#1 International best seller – hit #1 in categories in the US, Australia , Canada, France, Germany and the UK!
A recurring cast member on Travel Channel’s number one Saturday night series Ghost Adventures, the reality star brings her award winning Magickal practice seen on the show into viewers home’s by way of an easy to use modern compendium. Sharing her specialty of adjusting energy and flow, in people, spaces and situations Patti shows you how to work with natures elements and create simple 30 second solutions which can be done anywhere. Using her magical, loving and upbeat working style Patti shares elemental “old world” techniques showing you how to create spells and rituals which arrange natural elements to the rhythms and cycles of the universe to bring about healing, balance and change lives for the better. Learn more.

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