My Favorite Uncrossing Spell (Lemon Spell)

Issue No. 16
May 2017

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Every once in awhile we need a good "uncrossing" spell.

99.9% of the time it is NOT because someone put a real curse on you, but just a gathering of negative energy, thoughts and wishes that may have swirled around and created an energy you want to get rid of.

I do NOT do – or recommend – any kind of dark or manipulative magic.

The “cost” is too high in the kickback and karma realms. So, when you do this spell, make sure you do NOT do this spell at a specific person – just at the curse or dark energy itself. It will work on whoever and whatever it is supposed to.

You need a lemon, some sea salt, a knife and a saucer (You can use black or dark saucer if you have one, but not required, any saucer will do).

Cut lemon into 4 pieces while chanting about 3 times:
“All spells against me congregate, within this lemon that’s your fate. Sour spell to sour fruit, you must go there ‘cuz that’s your suit. Bound to this lemon ever more, each spell against me that’s your store. All in this lemon now I see – and so it is, so mote it be.”

Put the 4 slices on the saucer pulp up. Keep chanting, feel it. Then sprinkle the salt all over the lemons.  Sprinkle it thick & everywhere bottom & top and chant:
“Uncrossed, uncrossed this salt for me. Breaks up attacking energy. Within this sour lemon bound, now kills all spells with salt and sound. As lemon dries in salt and air, I’m free from harm and all despair. Uncrossed, uncrossed and happy now you’ll see – and as I will – so mote it be.”  

Keep chanting several times and feel it!

Now set the lemon aside. When it dries up burn or bury it. If by chance it mildews, you need to do the spell again. This is very powerful AND WORKS. ;o)

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Lots of other fun things happening as well, including some fun youtube and new media shows including an upcoming episode of CHACHI’S WORLD.

 Here is a fun magic and séance segment with young superstars Lia Marie Johnson & Trevor Moran.

Also watch for me with Rajiv Dhall on his channel…

…and a couple episodes of LA Story on Go90!

Don't forget to check out my YouTube channel, and you can always check out my IMDB page for some of my upcoming shows. That’s all for now! Now go out and make some magic in your life and world! 
See ya next time! Big, big hugs from Hollywood! 
Xox Patti

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