Meghan Trainor, Basketbal Wives & Portals to Hell with Jack Osbourne

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I am excited that my popular Witching Hour Podcast is now on my own network, PARAFlixx! The First season is up and available for streaming on demand.

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Various TV appearances on Ghost Adventures, Portals to Hell, Lilly Singh, TFIL Overnight, etc. Editing by Jeff Ezell. (A magician in MANY realms!)

I recently had an absolute blast with Meghan Trainor & Ryan Trainor on their podcast, Workin On It. They talk about ghosts, spirits, dead relatives, spontaneous combustion, shadow people and more!

Stay tuned for a surprise around Halloween on TFIL overnight that I can't announce yet, although Meghan did mention something about it on her podcast. So if you want to know more before anyone else, go listen to her podcast!

Thank you Katrina! It was truly a joy and an honor to work with you guys! Two of the all time bests. I love your no-nonsense style! 

Catch up on the latest episode of portals to hell with Jack Osbourne! 

Streaming now on Discovery Plus

Patti gets on Ellen “second hand” when Lilly Singh shows her haunting episode to Ellen!

Here's a Clip & Photo from my recent appearance on Basketball Wives!

I was on Mysteries Decoded too!


August 25-28          Michigan Paracon   Kewadin Casino, Sault Ste Marie, Michigan
September 16 -18 PEX Para Experience Virginia City
September 22 – 25. Symposium Khthonia / Sal Santoro, Orange Massachusetts 
October 1-2            Orange County Paracon
October 7-9             Vulture City Paracon. Wickenberg, Arizona
October 28-30        Endless Night Vampire Ball & weekend.  New Orleans, Louisiana
November 4 – 6     Mass Paracon Concord Massachussets
November 6 - 17    Birth of the Vampires Romania Tour, Romania
December 2 – 4     Miracle of Joy, Dallas/Lewisville Texas


A Mystifying journey into the deep mountains of Romania. Explore the infamous author Bram Stoker and trace the steps of Vlad Tepes III (The Impaler), both born on November 8th. Accompanied by three internationally known and powerful influencers in the occult: Psychic Medium and “Good Witch” Patti Negri Psychic Medium, Father Sebastiaan the Vampire Impresario of the Endless Night Vampire Balls, and world renowned demonologist James Annitto. If any country is haunted, Romania is. Are you ready for a wicked adventure?
This is my new project with my friend Father Sebastiaan and Nick from Paraflixx.

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Join your favorite good witch Patti Negri as she welcomes Katrina Weidman to the show. They worked together on Katrina's show "Portals to Hell" and now they've got lots to talk about! Find out about Katrina's witchy side, Paranormal State and her YouTube series Travel The Dead. All that plus, WAIT? Did Patti get a new kitten? How will Willow respond? Plus Where's Patti and an all new magick lesson. Get your broom ready to sweep away the funk and sweep in the fun on this week's episode of The Witching Hour with Patti Negri.   Available wherever you get your podcasts, including To book a private session with me, order signed copies of my book "Old World Magick for The Modern World" and more, visit I WILL NEVER MESSAGE YOU OR ASK FOR MONEY, there’s so many fakes that keep copying my page. Please go to my official site only to book readings, house clearings and seances!
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