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Please note: During these unprecedented times and the current pandemic and “shelter in place orders” still in effect in Los Angeles where I live, I am doing my private sessions online via Skype, Facebook Video Messenger, Zoom, WhatsApp and Phone, (except for emergency house and space clearings, in which I keep fully masked and social distancing practices.)  Call for more info.

Special Circumstances:  I am also offering discounts and sliding scale pricing if needed for those adversely affected by the pandemic.

It’s okay…these are crazy times. Be a little kinder with yourself and those around you. Embrace the word “compassion” for yourself and others. We will get through this! I still believe we will be stronger, wiser and better on the other side! Just keep breathing!

This Month’s Magic

This month’s magic is another repost and excerpt from my book!


My Favorite Protection Items, Tools and Techniques

Not everyone has a magical pair of ruby slippers…and just the regular day-to-day actions of life can sometimes leave us a bit vulnerable. I am talking energetically here. Whether it’s spirits from beyond – or just a bundle of negativity from a person, group or space. I thought I would give you a few of my favorite protection techniques! My number ONE technique is INTENT. YOUR intent!  Whether on a paranormal investigation or sitting with your in-laws – your awareness and intent is the strongest tool you have. You can honestly choose not to be negatively affected by someone throwing bad energy at you (whether they are doing it purposely or not).  

With LIVING folks…surround yourself with mirror energy. Visualize your whole body being protected by a big mirrored egg. Empower the egg so that NOTHING negative can get thru it. You can visualize other materials as well (steel, titanium, iron) – but with mirror – the added benefit is that the person throwing shade at you (especially if they are doing it on purpose) will actually get a bit of a “reflection” in your mirror and see how unattractive they look doing it. The mirror will also “bounce” the energy right back at them – so – they will get a tiny taste of their own medicine. The best part is that YOU don’t have to change your way of being… you can just stay safe and happy and smiling in your protective egg – and they will just slightly see thru it and see that you are not being affected by their energy, therefore not getting the payoff they wanted.  So the next time, they just wont try so hard until it stops all together! It sounds a little nuts, I know – but try it, it works! You can even practice in an elevator or crowded space where no one is sending you bad energy…You can put up your mirror – and actually see the people around you step back a bit…and usually smile (since they are not sending you bad energy). If it is so crowded they can’t step back, you will notice no matter how tight – your “personal space” will no longer feel invaded! Give it a try. Let me know what you think! 

Now back to the “spirit” realm. I believe 100% this three-dimensional world of ours is OURrealm of existence. Spirits on the other side have to play by our rules unless we give them power over us (often just by not knowing better.). So, if a spirit, presence or energy comes into a room that feels negative – or you just don’t want – command it to leave! In the name of whatever you believe in. In the name of God or your angels or your own power. You will be amazed the power you have. Do not do it with anger or fear – that will feed a negative spirit. Just do it like a disciplinarian parent talking to their child. 99.9% of the time that spirit will leave. As far as protective items for your body and home – I love sigils and symbols. The Norwegian Helm of Awe being one of my favorites. It just breaks apart negative energy into bits. But most importantly – use something that works with YOUR belief system! For clearing spaces – I love Cascarilla powder. Its inexpensive, nontoxic (pure eggshells) and super protective for you home. Sprinkle it on windowsill, thresholds & areas to get rid of stagnations or stir into your bath to clear your aura. I also love Palo Santo wood. Super clearing and protective, and not as harsh as sage! These are just a couple of my favorites. I could write a whole book on this stuff – oh wait – I DID! Remember, magic is EVERYWHERE!  “Til next time. With love, blessings and big, big hugs from Hollywood!”  ;o)  xox Patti

Mirrored Egg, Helm of Awe Sigil, Cascarilla Powder, Palo Santo Wood

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My new podcast THE WITCHING HOUR is going full steam ahead! New episodes can be heard every Friday night at 10 PM Pacific time on TalkX channel. Dash is a great station. You can download the app for free and they have about 80 commercial free channels, including a dedicated Corona Virus information channel.One week after its debut on DASH, all my podcasts move to Anchor/Spotify and the usual podcast places!  I have a new Facebook information page for it as well.

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Upcoming EventsI have many upcoming events…many have been postponed due to the current pandemic. Here are some currently on-the-books and planning to happen. Some are live (like Slaugterhouse) and some are online via Zoom (like singles class and Magick and spell working class):
 For Love and Romance:Ladies looking for the RIGHT love? Jump in this fun and effective 3-week workshop with me and my amazing friend and colleague Merle! From our last class, two attendees are engaged already! It works! For more info see our Facebook page!

The Magick & Science of Love

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House of Intuition
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I am excited to now offer online Magick and Spell working classes
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Patti Negri’s Practical Magick Series

 Living a magical life every day. I believe magic is all around us. I do not believe you must be a witch or a psychic to create real change. When you understand the true nature of the energy you work with, you can truly create the life you want to live. We will discuss spell casting, energy direction and magick basics, so you know how to safely and powerfully enhance your life so you can live a magickal life every day!

  1. Practical Magic / Introduction
  2. Mind, Body and Spirit Connection / Elemental Balancing Exercises
  3. Basic Spell Casting 101
  4. Moon magick and love magick
  5. House Magick (Clearing & Cleansing your home, office & business)
  6. Psychic Development and Dream Magick
  7. Protection Magick
  8. Kitchen Magick
  9. Weight Loss / Body Image / Health Magick
  10. Money Magick
  11. Practical Magick II
  12. Elemental Balanicing Exercises II
  13. Basic Spell Casting II
Introducing Patti Negri

For some sweet communication with your beloved dead:

I am continuing my fall Sunday Seance Series. Due to the pandemic, they are on Zoom instead of around my dining room table, but they are just as intimate and connected to the other side – and now you can join in from anywhere in the world! I don’t have my October dates scheduled yet but I will post soon. If you are interested email me at for more info and to RSVP. Limited spaces available because I keep it small and intimate so everyone attending has a chance to ask for and communicate with their deceased loved ones in a safe and loving environment! Full evening of sweet spirit communication. Only $25. 6 p.m pacific/9 p.m. eastern via Zoom on select Sunday evenings.

Patti performing a seance over Zoom.
For some adventure and spooky fun:
The Slaughterhouse Investigation Tucson, Arizona, November, 11th
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For Magick, History and Ghosts in a foreign land:

I am SO excited to announce
my first European Haunted Tour!

Photo of Ireland

Like Ghosts? Like Castles? Like Game of Thrones? Then join me as we combine them all on this mystical magical Haunted Tour of Ireland! Really reasonable priced – and the best of the best in tour guides/companies who know all the best places to visit!

Check out the itinerary, FB pagewebsite and teaser videos on YouTube


I am SO STOKED! Join me wont you?

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Here is a short, fun information video about the trip and just for fun, here’s another!

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