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June 1, 2023

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Love this girl! Zola Murphy is the perfect model for my new Patti’s Power Panties! Magick in every pair. Change your underwear… Change your life! 🙂 mysterycontrol.com/collections/Patti’s-power-panties

Hollywood Witch Announces New Line of Magickal Underwear

Add some Witchcraft to your Wardrobe with Patti Negris Power Panties”

LINK: Patti's Power Panties

Hollywood, CA -For Immediate Release

Patti Negri, The Good Witch of Hollywood is partnering with online retailer MysteryControl.com to unveil her collection of magickal underwear, Pattis Power Panties.

Patti’s Power Panties is the first interactive magick underwear line, and features a combination of Color Magick, Sigil Magick and Spellcasting. Each pair of men’s boxer briefs and women’s panties includes a customized “Power Spell” from Patti Negri. The user recites the spell using a special power word, symbol (also known as a sigil) and specific color to manifest their intention. Just use the spell to power up these undies, put them on, and take on whatever life throws at you!

“I’ve known and worked with Patti for years and her magick WORKS! Dating is all about confidence. The more confident you are the more attractive you are…So why not cast a spell?”

–– Patti Stanger, Millionaire Matchmaker turned Wellness Witch

Available in a variety of styles for men and women, Patti’s Power Panties has got you covered with multiple power sets using every color of the rainbow. Wearing this special underwear became Patti’s secret weapon as a highly successful psychic medium, witch, presenter, professor of magick, and paranormal celebrity. Now she’s ready to share her secret with the world!

“I wore them and it worked...My Helm of Awe power panties by the beautiful, amazing, magical Patti Negri.”

–  Zola Murphy, Actress-Influencer

Have a big meeting? Power up and put on a specially designed pair of bright blue “Success” underwear featuring a a unique “Success” symbol for some extra confidence.  Looking for some extra spiritual armor/ protection? Power up and put on deep black “Protection” men’s boxer briefs or one of the many women’s styles decorated with its own special symbol and you’re ready for battle.

If you’re into Ghost Hunting or find yourself in a haunted location, Patti’s Power Panties offer additional benefits.

YouTube power couple Corey & Devyn know a thing or two about haunted locations. “Whenever I’m in a scary situation I always rely on Patti’s teachings,” says Devyn Lundy. Exclaims Corey Scherer “Patti’s Power Panties of Protection?! I’ll have to replace my current favorite boxers, Batman Underoos. ..We’ll wear this on all of our scary adventures.”

See Patti’s entire collection on MysteryControl.com  together with the rest of her Spellcaster line of matching tees and hoodies.

You can catch Patti on Ghost Adventures , TFIL: Overnight, on her podcast The Witching Hour with Patti Negri, livestreaming on The Witchs Movie Coven and at her school University Magickus. Or check one of her many live appearances listed at PattiNegri.com.

To set up an interview with Patti Negri please contact Lisa Malcolm at lisa@lynkpr.com.

Corey & Devyn react to Patti's Power Panties


Magick to Make your Life Happier

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Classes are offered in many magical departments including mysticism, magick, astrology, varying forms of witchcraft, vampyrism, holistic and healing arts, occult ritual, meditation, paranormal investigation, reiki and other esoteric schools of thought.

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