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This Month’s Magic Animal & Spirit Familiars Familiars
Since ancient times, witches, cunning folk and magicians have worked magic with the aid of Familiars, or helpful spirits. Familiars may take the form of a beloved pet, a totem animal, or even a helpful nonphysical entity.
Since people are often confused by the term and meaning, I thought I would give a simple explanation of “familiars” as they are commonly referred to…
There are three types of familiars: Physical/living familiars, Spirit or Astral Familiars and Created Familiars!
A physical familiar is a living animal. It can be anything. They are usually small household pets such as the classic witch’s cat, a dog, owl or snake. You often find each other. The relationship between humans and animal familiars runs deep. They are psychically connected and can telepathically communicate with each other in times of need. They protect, guide teach. Predict weather and spirits. Often comes to you in dreams. 

A Spirit or Astral/Etheric familiar comes to you. It is often your totem of spirit animal in Native American cosmology, your “BONE in Traditional Witchcraft.  They are sometimes from the elemental or faery realm. These familiars come to you and are “discovered” not created. This familiar is not a physical being at all, but a thought-form or spiritual entity. It often travels astrally and serves as a magical guardian, power or spirit animal.
A Created/Crafted familiar is a familiar that YOU create. It is called Tupa in Eastern philosophy, a Servitor in Chaos magick, a Gollum in Judaic beliefs. They sometimes are temporary of come in for one job and sometimes for life. You create them magickally – by raising power, putting in attributes and sending them into a vessel. For those of you who have created Dragon Spirits as explained in my book OLD WORLD MAGICK FOR THE MODERN WORLD, these are created familiars!
I will explain ways to work with each type in future newsletters (or maybe my next book)! So until then, remember, magic is EVERYWHERE! Sometimes all we need is a thought or perception change or a new awareness to work the biggest magic of all. “Til next time. With love, blessings and big, big hugs from Hollywood! ;o) xox Patti  
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