Portals to Hell with Katrina Weidman August 1, 2022

Join your favorite good witch Patti Negri as she welcomes Katrina Weidman to the show. They worked together on Katrina's show "Portals to Hell" and now they've got lots to talk about! Find out about Katrina's witchy side, Paranormal State and her YouTube series Travel The Dead. All that plus, WAIT? Did Patti get a new kitten? How will Willow respond? Plus Where's Patti and an all new magick lesson. Get your broom ready to sweep away the funk and sweep in the fun on this week's episode of The Witching Hour with Patti Negri.   Available wherever you get your podcasts, including https://podcasts.apple.com/.../the-wi... To book a private session with me, order signed copies of my book "Old World Magick for The Modern World" and more, visit www.pattinegri.com. I WILL NEVER MESSAGE YOU OR ASK FOR MONEY, there’s so many fakes that keep copying my page. Please go to my official site only to book readings, house clearings and seances!

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