House Blessings and Clearings for Christmas: 5 Reasons to Do it

Christmas marks a wonderful time in all our lives, and it is a great occasion for new beginnings. Many people take this time to revamp their houses and tidy them up for guests—especially if they are hosting the Christmas dinner. 

While most people will take massive steps to clean their homes, they usually overlook the importance of clearing the energy and aura in their houses. This is something that has a great impact on the well-being of everyone in the home. 

A great way to do this is to get a house blessing and clearing a few days, or weeks, before Christmas. Now, for those of us wondering, “How to bless a house?” we’re going to tell you now. 

How to Bless a House

If you wish to do a simple house blessing, then you can always look up the right house blessing prayers for every room of the house and pray accordingly.

However, if you feel that you need a more thorough house blessing session, it is best to get in touch with an expert, like Patti Negri

House blessings can be an intricate practice that can be extremely beneficial when performed by the right spiritual medium. With the help of Patti’s sessions, you can ensure that there are absolutely no negative energies in your home for Christmas!

Now, let us tell you a few important reasons why you need to get a house blessing this Christmas season.

1. Bring a Renewed Sense of Peace and Comfort to Your Home

home blessings, a child posing in a dark room

By effectively clearing the physical and spiritual energy of your home, a house blessing can establish a sense of peace in your home.

As an old practice, a house blessing session can make the home a more warm, serene, and comfortable place to live in.

2. Create the Ideal Atmosphere for Celebrating Christmas

Flourishing the house with warm and positive energies, a Christmas house blessing can help you create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests. Moreover, by thoroughly cleansing the home, you can create a wonderful Christmas experience for your friends and family.

3. Protect Your Home From Any Negative Energies From the Past Year

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As we all know, this year has had its ups and downs. Now, with a large number of energies constantly flowing through our world, it is possible that many negative energies may have made their way into your home.

In such cases, house blessings and clearings can not only remove all negative energies but also protect your home from any negativity in the future. Thus, you can rest assured that your home will be clean, safe, and ready for the Christmas celebration.

4. Create an Environment of Gratitude and Abundance for the New Year

As the new year makes its way through the calendar and into our lives, it is essential to ensure that we are ready for it. With a house blessing session, you can help create a positive environment for your home for the new year. 

By illuminating your house with strong, positive, and abundant energies, you will allow the presence of a good aura into your home. Not only can this improve the vibrations of your home but it also provides contentment and bliss in the lives of your family members. 

5. The Perfect Way to Bid Farewell to the Old Year and Welcome the New One

house blessing, New Year decor

Improving the energies of your home and getting rid of negativity and dark vibrations is the best way to welcome the new year. Regardless of how the last year went by, you can ensure that you start the new year with a positive attitude and a fulfilling house blessing and clearing session with Patti Negri.

Book a House Blessing and Clearing Session With Patti Negri Now!

Now that you know how to bless a house and the benefits it can bring to your life, you can either perform a house blessing yourself or book a session with Patti.

As one of the most accomplished psychic mediums in the world, Patti Negri is infamously known as the “Good” witch of Hollywood. With a career spanning decades, Patti has conducted house blessings, seances, rituals, and spells across the world for the betterment of humanity.

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What’s more, along with house blessings, Patti’s private sessions also include seances, rituals, psychic readings, spiritual healing, and so much more.

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