What is a Psychic Reading? All you Need to Know

Psychic readings are gradually becoming more and more popular, as people have started to realize the authenticity of psychics and mediums.

When it comes to psychic readings, there are usually a plethora of reasons why someone decides to visit a psychic and speak to them. Whether it is because of an emotional dilemma or a sense of being lost, psychic readings can often help with problems like these.

Nevertheless, for many people, visiting a psychic for the first time in their lives can be a slightly nerve-wracking experience due to the ambiguity of the concept.

This feeling of uncertainty and doubt when booking a psychic reading session for the first time is common and completely understandable.

In her psychic reading sessions, Patti meets a large number of people who are there for the first time and are usually a little nervous. However, with her incredible experience as a psychic and medium, she calms her clients and helps them find what they are looking for.

If you are here because you want to book a psychic reading session but aren’t sure how it all works, you don’t have to worry anymore. In this article, we will tell you what is a psychic reading and how one can help you.

What is a Psychic Reading?

what is a psychic reading; a psychic holding a crystal

While all psychic readings are different in nature, the essence of them all lies in the intuitive and psychic abilities of the reader. Although every reader has a process of their own, essentially what’s happening is an exchange of energy between the reader’s soul and yours. 

This exchange allows them to acquire information regarding your life and its different aspects in an attempt to provide guidance to you. 

Patti Negri is a world-famous medium, psychic, and clairvoyant, and is widely known as the ‘Good’ witch of Hollywood. 

With her psychic readings, you can find the answers to all your questions and receive the guidance you need in life. However, the conclusion and the nature of your readings will usually depend upon your purpose, desires, needs, and intentions behind booking a session.

Now, let us explore a few different types of psychic readings.

Types of Psychic Readings

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Intuitive Reading

An intuitive reading, as the name suggests, follows the psychic intuition of the reader and comes the closest to the concept of a true psychic reading. In fact, the words intuitive and psychic are often used as synonyms on various occasions.

When it comes to intuitive readings, the sessions can majorly vary, based on your intentions. However, in a typical intuitive reading session, you can expect your reader to analyze your energies and vibrations to help you find what’s missing. This can be used as a tool to help you lead a more fulfilled personal and spiritual life.

Crystal Reading

While mostly similar to intuitive readings, crystal readings involve the exploration of past, present, and future information through crystals. This requires the psychic ability to see images that can lead them to the information you seek.

One thing you need to remember when it comes to crystal readings is that there’s actually no limit to what you can find out. Moreover, the best part about crystal readings is that they not only help you with answers but also allow communication between you and the spirit world.

With her private crystal reading sessions, Patti has helped many people heal by exploring inner blocks in their energies and guiding them through it all. Thus, not only can this be a journey to personal transformation, but also one of spiritual healing.

Past Life Reading

Do you believe or feel that you have lived a life before the one you know now? Have you ever been curious about your past lives and how they affect your present? If so, you would benefit from a past life reading.

Past life work is all about exploring your past in an attempt to heal blocks and find answers to certain inexplicable aspects of your life. This can be a fear of something you have no reason to be scared of or flashes of an incident you don’t remember experiencing or anything else.

Bringing you an exceptional past life reading, Patti can help you explore the experiences of your soul and remember the lessons learned in your past. With the right attitude, a past life reading can actually change your life for the better.

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