5 Spirit Communication Signs To Look Out For

Have you ever gotten a tingling in your spine that someone’s out there? Have you ever felt like there's a message they want you to hear? 

You’re not alone.

Over the years, there have been many cases of people receiving messages from the other side, spirits can communicate with us.

These spirits can just be our loved ones who’ve passed away. They often warn us of any dangers or give us advice for finding lasting health, wealth and happiness.

But how do spirits communicate? Spirit communication signs are indeed hard to understand, especially if you don't know what to look out for.

To help you out, we've put together a list of spirit communication signs to watch out for to help you find out if someone is truly trying to speak to you.

5 Spirit Communication Signs To Look Out For 

1. Coins

spirit communication signs, coins

If the spirit of a loved one or an ancestor wants to speak to you, they can make coins appear in random places. These coins are likely to appear in unusual locations so they can get your attention. Coins often show up as a sign of incoming wealth or to encourage you to value your life.

However, do note that you may commonly find coins on the street or in the pockets of your pants. Be careful not to confuse it with spirit communication signs. Pay attention to any patterns in which the coins appear. 

Note the type of coin you find or whether you find just one or multiple. You should also remember to check the date on the coin for any significance. 

2. Electricity

spirit communication signs, a lightbulb

You may have seen in movies that spirits can affect electric currents. Spirits are essentially energy currents, which is why they can manipulate the electrical currents to get your attention. 

However, do not jump to conclusions if a light bulb randomly pops off as these instances are often simply coincidences. If you are thinking about a beloved family member who has passed and the lights start to flicker, they may be trying to let you know they’re there.

3. Songs 

If you're dealing with the spirit of a loved one, they might be trying to talk to you through songs. Songs are a great way of letting the message through without needing to speak. Additionally, if you are listening to a song on your radio or phone, the spirit will find it easy to manipulate the energy and get your attention.

If your phone, radio or music player randomly changes your music or repeatedly plays one song, that is a spirit communication sign you need to pay attention to. 

They may play the song exactly when you're thinking about them or when you are looking for guidance. Additionally, you won’t need a spirit communication board as the lyrics will do the job of delivering their message.

4. Animals

spirit communication signs, a black cat

Animals and pets can usually sense when there is a spirit around them. They can often detect shifts in energy and can even spot spirits. If your cat or dog looks like they are tracking someone’s movements in the room or if they seem to be chasing or playing with someone, they could be interacting with a spirit.

While there are common behaviors, you need to watch out for any other spirit communication signs that accompany them. There are some specific behaviors to watch out for in your pets. For example, growling, whimpering, swatting the air, running in circles and jumping all over the place can be spirit communication signs to watch for.

5. Dreams

spirit communication signs, woman covered in a sheet

Often, spirits try communicating with us but we fail to understand them. Spirit communication meaning is an important factor to consider, as you may misinterpret the message you're receiving.

Dreams become fantastic mediums of communication for spirits when they want to deliver a specific message. If you have unknowingly been avoiding signs, a spirit may enter your dream to speak to you. Dreaming about a loved one or a deceased family member, for example, are spirit communication signs you should never ignore.

Additionally, it is good practice to maintain a dream journal so that you do not forget the message you receive. 

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